“No Impunity” Movement Hails Pres. Weah


The “No Impunity” Movement has Hailed President George Weah for soliciting global support for the establishment of war and economic crime court in Liberia; inducts him as Liberia’s ‘No Impunity Hero, a release has said.

The “No Impunity” Movement, a mass-based citizens’ group, has welcomed President Weah’s decision to solicit global support for the establishment of war and economic crime court in Liberia. The group also declared the president as Liberia’s “No Impunity Hero,” who the group said would be formally inducted with the “No Impunity Hero” title very soon.

The “No Impunity” Movement, over the weekend, termed the president’s action at the UNGA as an act of intuitive (second taught) leadership unprecedented as well as the bold step of a selfless leader, to ensure justice for war victims and deterrence against a re-occurrence of any hostile activity in the country.

The “No Impunity” Movement national chairman Adolphus Kawah said unlike the regime of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, which for 12 years failed to muster the courage of elevating said discussion at the UNGA, President Weah has demonstrated a true sense of nationalism, putting aside personal interest and considering the greater good of the Liberian people.

Kawah said that President Weah’s call is in consonance with the “No Impunity” Movement’s mantra that never again will people perpetrate war and economic crimes against the people and go with impunity.

He said that President Weah deserves an even greater honor, “because since the True and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in 2009 recommended the establishment of a special court to prosecute perpetrators of crimes committed during the war in Liberia, calls were never heeded and Liberia has not prosecuted a single person for the grave crimes committed during its two armed conflicts; it is only now that President Weah has begun taking practical and significant steps towards the establishment of said court.

The group believes that never again must victims be denied justice, while their perpetrators parade in affluence and power.

The “No Impunity” Movement says that Liberia’s civil wars (from 1989-1996 and 1999-2003) were characterized by widespread and systematic violations of international human rights and humanitarian laws; as such, those who bear the greater burden of the violence must be brought to justice in order to set a precedence against any re-occurrence.


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