‘No Health Without Food, We Are Grateful’

Dr. Sia Watta Kamanor (4th from right after Mr. Vamuyan Sheriff) receives the rice with thankfulness.

-Dr. Watta Sia Kamanor lauds Varney Taylor Foundation for the donation of 50 (25kg) bags of rice for patients’ feeding at JFK.

“No health without food, we are grateful,” were the exact words of Dr. Sia Watta Kamanor when she received fifty 25kg bags of rice from the Varney Taylor Foundation (VTf) in an effort to help feed the patients at the John F. Kennedy Hospital in during the national health emergency in Liberia.

Dr. Kamanor who proxied for her boss, Dr. Jerry Brown, said in these days of health crisis, it is worth celebrating those who sacrifice their little earnings in order to contribute to the survival of patients the government’s biggest referral hospital is in charge of.

Dr. Kamanor is the chief medical officer at JFK and second in command to Dr. Jerry Brown, the hospital’s chief executive officer.

“We want to thank you for this generous donation. Quite frankly, we are really touched by the humble spirit with which you people came in to present this consignment of rice to us for onward presentation to the feeding program team of this hospital,” Kamanor said.

She added: “Even though it is most often thought that in times of health crisis medical supplies are most needed, it is a very important thing to note that no patient survives in the absence of food before taking in of medicine for the cure of a sickness.”

Dr. Kamanor said she and her colleagues, including Dr. Emmanuel Ekyinabah, president of the Liberia Medical Dental Association (LMDA) were affectionately touched even more because the chief financier of Varney Taylor Foundation (VTf) is in the U.S., a nation, although stronger than any other nation, most affected now in terms of the number of confirmed cases of the deadly COVID-19.

“Not too many care. This is rare, mainly in a time like this. He is truly a patriot,” she said as she received the consignment of rice.

Varney Taylor Foundation’s donation of the rice comes at a time when the country, among many other countries in the world is striving to fight against the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Already, the country has confirmed 14 cases of COVID-19 and is struggling to ensure that it does not spread to the point it might be uncontrolled.

On behalf of the Varney Taylor Foundation (VTF), Mr. Vamuyan Sheriff presented the rice and assured JFK of the Foundation’s continuous love and support.

“We went around the various government hospitals in Monrovia and its environs but all we could get about the patients’ feeding program was that only JFK is still doing it. This is why we are here with the rice in order to buttress government and other partners’ efforts in this regard,” Sheriff said.

He said the VTF is happy that the doors of JFK are always opened to accept the contributions of people and organizations who have love for their fellow humankind.

“The chief financier to the Varney Taylor Foundation is our own. He is a Liberian residing in the United States of America but ever thoughtful about his home country. He bore all of life’s pains and troubles here before leaving for the U.S. and, as such, his heart is always back home for all those who are truly in need of help to live on,” he explained about Cllr. Varney Blamah Taylor.

VTF is a not for profit organization that is currently functioning in the U.S. and Liberia. The foundation is involved in helping organizations and people in the agricultural system succeed in producing more products and it is also involved with the education sector by helping less privileged students access education at no cost against their parents.

Health, meanwhile, is another sector the foundation is helping to succeed in meeting up with its desire to cater to patients.

Recently, schools, including the Community College of Bomi received hundreds of thousands of Liberians dollars in order to settle tuition for underprivileged students.

Also, educational materials aimed at preparing 12th graders at the Charles Henry Dewey (C.H. Dewey) Public Central High school in Bomi were donated in order for them to prepare for the West African regional exams (WASCE) while Phebe hospital also received a drum of fuel and cash in order to acquire some healthcare supplies.


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