‘No Expressed Authorization to Print New Money Yet’


UP Legislative Caucus Secretary Rep. Roger Domah Says; Passage of ‘Priority Bills’ deferred

With three out of the seven days of the extraordinary sitting having been expended and, amidst rumors that the House of Representatives has already authorized the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to print new money to replace the entire Legacy and Liberty banknotes, a Unity Party Representative has disclosed that the House of Representatives has not voted on any authorization to give an ‘expressed authority,’ but admitted to a Resolution of Endorsement.

The Resolution of Endorsement is in confirmation of the story the Daily Observer published that at 56 Representatives affixed their signatures.

The UP Legislative Caucus Secretary General, Nimba County District #7 Representative Roger S.W.Y Domah in his Capitol Build office yesterday said according to parliamentary proceedings, when a member of either House affixed signatures on a Resolution, such resolution resonates on Plenary’s agenda for discussion and subsequent approval — in so doing, the House’s Banking and Currency Committee is expected to report the Resolution of Endorsement to Plenary for the finalization of the House’s authorization to print new money.

“There has not been any authorization given by the House of Representatives to print new money to replace the legacy and liberty banknotes. The authorization — the expressed authority — can only be done in session,” Rep. Domah said.

“Resolution of endorsement of the printing of new money was done before the previous closure in October, and it said that denominations of 1,000 and 500 will be excluded and there should be minted coins and also it was inserted in the Resolution that CBL should bring sample of the security feature and texture before the expressed authority is given.”

Article 34 of the 1986 constitution said the Legislature shall have the power to issue currency and mint coins and that no coins shall be minted or national currency issued except by the expressed authority of the Legislature.

The Nimba County lawmaker’s explanation was prompted by speculations that the Lower House has already made an authorization to the CBL to print new money.

Rep. Domah told journalists yesterday in his office that the Resolution of Endorsement was signed by more than 50 Representatives, and that, in the Resolution it is said among the denominations, the 500 and 1,000 notes should be excluded and that coins should be minted.

The Nimba County lawmaker further said the Resolution allowed the printing of at most L$30 billion instead of the L$35 billion the President recommended.

Meanwhile, Rep. Domah urged the Ministry of Justice to speedily render justice in two alleged murder cases involving at least three victims from his district, which are still lying in the morgues.

The Nimba County lawmaker said his constituents are angry and are mourning and impatiently awaiting justice to bury their dead.

One of the three — a teenage girl was raped to death and the other two, died from mob violence.

Rep. Domah also urged Speaker Bhofal Chambers and Leadership of the House of Representatives to promote transparency with the admittance of an audit.

The Secretary General of the UP Legislative Caucus further urged the President to seek a meltdown discussion with the Council of Patriots (COPs) against the planned December 30’ Weah Step Down Campaign.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated 17 Priority Bills from President George M. Weah, which some were to be approved yesterday, have been deferred.

It may be recalled, on the 1st day  of the Extraordinary Sitting — Tuesday, December 3 — the Lower House unanimously decided to ‘act upon’ the 17 Priority.

A staff in the Chief Clerk’s office, who asked to spoke to the Daily Observer anonymously, said the reports from some of the committees did not have the required simple-majority signatures, while other committees are painstaking.

According to the President’s communication for the extraordinary sitting, the passage of financial and other instruments pending before the Legislature, confirmation hearings, especially of the Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia; finalization of deliberation on authorization to the CBL to print a new set of Liberian Dollar banknotes, are key to the economic nature of the country.



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