‘No Documents to Authenticate Nwabudike’s Liberian Citizenship’

The embattled Chairman of the LACC, Cllr. Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike

— Criminal Court ‘B’ discloses

“This is to certify that after a careful perusal of the records of this Honorable Court on the herein above-named person, Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike regarding his naturalization of May 1982, we have not found any document up to the issuance of this certificate,” Criminal Court ‘B’ Clerk Ben George Teah said.

“In furtherance of our check, we communicated with the Liberian Immigration Service (LIS) and they replied that after a thorough search of their records, they have not found any information on the aforesaid individual regarding his legal residence status or naturalization,” Teah said in a clerk certificate issued to Cllr. Finley Karngar.

Initially, Cllr. Karngar had petitioned the court to search and discover information about Nwabudike’s naturalization document dating back to May 1982.

Cllr. Karngar, currently a professor at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia (UL), is the lawyer who accompanied Henry Costa during his (Costa’s) first appearance at the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) headquarters to explain how he obtained a liassez-passer, which was alleged to have been forged.

Cllr. Finley Karngar

Shortly after Karngar was issued the certificate from Criminal Court ‘B’, he briefly told journalists his next step is to see the prosecution of Nwabudike. President George Weah had since last week withdrawn the nomination of Cllr. Nwabudike as chairman-designate for the National Elections Commission (NEC) after being greeted with mixed reactions.

During his confirmation hearing, Nwabudike informed the Senators that he was born in 1964 and subsequently obtained his citizenship in 1982, meaning that he was 17 years old when he applied for his naturalization and subsequently obtained his citizenship from Criminal Court ‘B.’

Nwabudike also informed the Senators that during his application process, the court required of him to bring parental consent and an adult to take the oath since he was minor.

“When I had my declaration of intents, I was a minor and because of that, I was required to bring a parental consent and an adult to stand to take the oath behind me. In this jurisdiction, our law requires that if a minor wants to get married, it requires parental consent. My argument here is that the court has set a precedent that when a minor wants to make a decision or a position of an adult, parental consent is required, and it can be granted under the law when it is done in the presence of a qualified adult,” Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike said.

However, the Senators argued on the basis of the Alien and Naturalization Law, which provides that: “No person shall file a petition for naturalization unless he shall have attained the age of twenty-one years.”

That was contrary to Nwabudike’s contention that he was 17 year-old when he filed and appeared before Criminal Court ‘B” for the process leading to his naturalization and subsequently obtaining his citizenship.

Subchapter C of the Alien and Nationality Law provides ground for revocation of naturalization which, among other things, says: “It shall be the duty of the Attorney General, upon affidavit showing good cause therefor, to institute proceedings for the purpose of revoking and setting aside the order admitting a person to citizenship and cancelling the certificate of naturalization on any of the following grounds.

“(a) That the order admitting such person to citizenship and the certificate of Naturalization were procured by concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation; (b) that at the time the person acquired citizenship, he was not eligible to such citizenship by some existing law of Liberia; (c) That at the time the person acquired citizenship, he was not eligible to enter or reside in Liberia.

It concludes: “(d) That the person who acquired citizenship was not of good moral character at the time he was admitted to citizenship and such fact was not then known; (e) That at the time the person was admitted to citizenship, he was an anarchist or not attached to the principles of the Constitution of Liberia and such fact was not then known; (f) That the order admitting such person to citizenship was issued through manifest error of law or fact, or that the order was issued before it should be, or that the laws governing naturalization have not been fully complied with; provided that if the error can be remedied by procedural means, the person admitted to citizenship through such error shall be allowed a reasonable opportunity after notice to institute corrective proceedings before the Attorney General acts to revoke citizenship and cancel the certificate of naturalization.

The question remains: is the Attorney General willing to join the effort of Cllr. Karngar to prosecute Nwabudike?


  1. The mixed reactions that greeted George from both prominent citizens and averaged citizens alike definitely played a part in withdrawing the Chairman designate by head of the presidency. But politically, it was a tactical strategy withdraw of the nominee by George. Politically executed by the con artist Senator, Senator Sherman from Grand Cape Mount County. George in his right mind was not set to be persuaded by political pressure to give in to the likes of former officials, especially someone like the former UN Representative that was fired from his post. George was not about to do that so easily as to bring political importance to the former UN Ambassador. The plan to withdraw which was executed by the con man Varney Sherman, was when the self proclaimed people’s opposition bloc trust him to make a reconsideration motion on some of the nominees as to buy time for the self proclaimed people’s opposition bloc to gather more support to defeat the remaining nominees, con man Sherman saw an opportunity to ask George to withdraw his nomination in a trade off by not going along with the reconsideration motion, that would had strengthened the self styled people’s opposition bloc to defeat the other nominees. In that trade off which was brilliantly and cleverly maneuvered by the con man, George agreed to withdraw, and Sherman the con artist failed to pursue the reconsideration motion, paving the way forward for the other nominees with alleged integrity problems to sail through. The self proclaimed people’s opposition bloc were caught of guard, and were out maneuvered politically by the smart con artist lawyer, Varney Sherman. Something the self styled opposition bloc of the people forgot about Sherman. That he Sherman is a CDC man that is always voting alongside CDC members in the Senate and always pushing CDC political agendas. The self styled opposition bloc were of the opinion that because the con man Sherman stood up against the Chairman designate, they thought Sherman has seen the light and has returned as members of the Unity Party. But what they forgot is the con man has stopped attending UP meetings for a long long time. And that the con man is actually a CDC man in sheep’s clothing of the Unity Party. That’s how the trade off which was initiated by con man Sherman defeated the self proclaimed people’s opposition bloc, and knocked them of their plans. It was only through a trade off that’s why George withdrew his con artist nominee. Making it possible for the others to sail through. There you have it. Very smart of the con artist lawyer, Varney Sherman.

    • Were there any records after the civil wars that could be attestations to the court’s findings? If not, the ruling that the court could not obtain the naturalization certificate of the nominee is flawed and therefore inadmissable in the court of law..
      During emergency powers of government, like Liberia. (1980-1985), citizenship is a human rights that cannot be denied, therefore, the nominee was entitled to naturalization and if the records were untraceable, the burden was on the state to prove or admit the nominee.
      This is a prejudice against the gentleman- he has been in Liberia since 1982, had acquired education, landed property, built a life in national politics, all of a sudden he now has become a villain because he’s identifying with CDC government. This is wrong! What happened in the previous adminstration that he served, why weren’t there the type of scrutiny as now?
      The government of the Republic of Liberia is responsible for the irregularities which took place during the wars and therefore must let the gentleman has his peace. He got education in Liberia and had been there since.

      • Mr. Zoto you better keep your income tax papers together. Better keep all traffic violations receipts together for over five years or more. Better put your green card or citizenship papers together and passport together, perhaps for a long time. The burden of proof is yours. The government of Liberia has not passed a law releasing liability of any one of its burden of any official documents that may be issued or given to that person because of war or natural disaster. The burden of proof is upon the individual not the government. Can’t produced it, better have some prominent citizens as witnesses, village leaders and so forth. The Chairman designate was a political liability to the regime and a political distraction, especially in the face of the Coronavirus. A deal had to be made in order to get through with the nomination process in the Senate. And it was made . All governments are freed from this sort of responsibility, putting the burden on the individual. Even if such document is lost and government through its efforts can not locate such document or identify the person through its records keeping, oh well. Like they say, it is on you. Do you still have all your papers together Mr. Zota , good.

        • George Zota lives in Canada. He could be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada James. You are right, he better have all his papers correct. LOL….

        • “Can’t produced it, better have some prominent citizens as witnesses, village leaders and so forth.”

          I agree entirely James Davis with this version of the burden of proof which the nominee did by presenting a copy of his naturalization papers.

          Under the doctrine of emergency powers, the state is responsible for affirmative actions, if Canada or the United States declared Marshall laws as with Liberia(1980-1985), there are two things to bear in mind:
          1. Citizenship conferment will automatically become for children of Canadian and American parentage whether born in the country or not
          2. Residents who proved naturalization processing will automatically become citizens.
          And this is what the nominee did. The Republic of Liberia declared emergency powers at which time he applied for his citizenship, the burden of proof that he was presented was sufficient.

    • James Davis, Senator Sherman wife / girlfriend is one of the Deputy / Assistant Ministers in the government. She was appointed by dummy Weah…..so Weah got Sherman balls very tight….If he Sherman goes against Weah, his wife/girlfriend could be let go of her position in government. It’s all interest.

  2. “The evil that men do lives after them”, a quote by William Shakespeare.

    Nwabudike is a cloddish unrepentant charlatan. As the sky crumbles on him, the ungentleman has no one to blame but himself. Nwabudike’s evil which he has cleverly used over the years to manipulate his friends and associates has reached an apex. I would like to say that he will gravely suffer the consequences of his evil. But knowing about the corruption in the country’s judicial system, Nwabudike may never be summoned or convicted.

  3. When I read these provoking headlines, the questions that kept retorting themselves to me were: how would have my conscience judge me today if I had unrepentantly aligned myself with the Weah’s CDC-ideologies to sell the soul of my country for peanuts? What kind of moral and spiritual compass would I have boasted of that even after I have made the wrong decision and found myself on the wrong side of the political calculus, I would still love to regard myself as one of the staunchest supporters of an institution that is setup to march the Liberian society further down on a chaotic path.

    I am nontangential to Weah’s policies and my deepest cynicism hinges on the fact he cannot be trusted and he is a downright liar. When Weah grooms, Liberians see symbols of the Liberian flag engraved all over his clothing as a sign that he loves the country and his people. But is this true love? I do not think so. And if our people have not already learned that, then they are beginning to see what this man calls true love is nothing but a bunch of shameful theatrics and deceit.

    How can Weah love his country so much that he would appoint an alien with no documents to authenticate his Liberian citizenship to a strategic position such as the NEC, and even after a discovery is made that this unconfirmed appointee has lied about his citizenship, he zealously stands beside him. And if pressure was not brought to bear from various citizen groups, he would have succeeded in having an unnaturalized alien who lied about his citizenship to head the NEC with the sole aim of being a catalyst in rigging all the future elections in his favor.

    Are Liberians so gullible and desperate for a president to love them that they would bow to this hoax or trickster of a president? This event has truly made me to wonder and do some soul searching quite recently just asking God, “Lord what our people can do that you may save them this wrath, restore their hope, and bring back sanity to Liberia?”

  4. Mr. George Zota! Just as the old saying goes and I quote: “everyday for the rouge and one day for the master” despite this man has been living in Liberia as alleged since 1982, and doing everything like any other Liberian, don’t means he really took the right path to become naturalized citizen of Liberia. He lied so much that, the events in Liberia during 1982 just told apart his story. Form 1980 to 1985, Liberia was under the military junta (PRC) headed by master sergeant SKD and they suspended the constitution of Liberia and Liberia was governed by decrees. So if he claimed that he got citizenship during this period, who was the Chief Justice of Liberia at that time that sworn him in during the ceremony? This initial tale to this entire episode just set him up for total destruction and no one in the CDC inner circle really thought about these petit facts. This man benefited as Liberian to educate himself in Liberia, not as foreign student, getting every benefits that Liberians are entitled, only to realized at this point that, he did lied every time in every steps to his position in Liberia today. I don’t even understand why this man is a free man in Liberia and not in jail after everything that has unfolded about how he secured his citizenship through fraudulent. I supposed if this was any other regular Nigeria person involved in this, deportation was the way forward and I hope our judicial system will send a clear message to others about this. We are all in gear to see what becomes next of this 419 player. I supposed his 419 bus ride ended at NEC.

  5. My dear countrymen and women:
    Please forgive me for asking this question. I ask because I don’t know what 419 means.

    Could someone please tell me the meaning of 419?

    While in Liberia last year, a guy told me to be careful with those”Zogos”. I didn’t know what he was talking about. I heard a few Liberian-created streetwords words, for instance, “bolo”.

    So please forgive me. What is meant by 419?


  6. Uncle Hney

    hope you and your family keeping safe from the virus that is ravaging your land.

    419 is a slang for a trick. If someone has tricked you or is in the process of tricking you, it is referred to as 419. It is my understanding that this particular slang originally was tied to the Nigerians but it has come to now apply to anyone who tricks another person.

    Example: uncle Hney promised to send me $50, but everyday he’s in the habit of giving excuses when Moses jr. ask him. Jr. reach out to Uncle Aaron: “Uncle Aaron, since Uncle H promised to send me this one $50, each time I ask him, that different excuse everyday. Uncle Aaron: “Jr., uncle H, full of 419. forget about that $50 because you wont get it”

    I hope I explained it to your satisfaction;


  7. Jr.
    You’re a great young fellow and I am proud of you. I thank you very much for the meaning of 419 which you have told so cleverly.

    We are doing pretty good. But Joe Jr., it’s not so easy. It’s been predicted that during the next week or so, Covid-19 may rage with vengeance. It’s a scary thought. In return, I wish you and your family well. I also wish that your sister is doing great. The tempest will subside. Devil is a liar.

    Oh. That $50 will be put in your account. Or maybe, I will transfer it into Dolo’s account so he will forward it to you next year. And then if he refuses to do that, please let me know because I don’t like games. Maybe, brother Nelson Sr. will fly to Liberia. When that happens, I will be relieved because I am counting on him. You know what I mean now?

    Serious Business:
    Self-respect is good. Sometimes, I come away with the thinking that Liberians are run over by different nationalities because of our lack of self-respect.

    As soon as a Ghanaian, Sierra Leoneon or Nigerian hits the shore of Liberia, that’s it. Free at last. Oh God Almighty, I am a Liberuan. Because of that foolishness, some Liberians speak with foreign accents, instead of our traditional Liberian way of talking.

    Listen to this:
    The former NEC chairman awarded a $300,000 contract to the Ghanaians to help with election protocol. The jerk never solicited the help of Liberians. Joe Jr. I am not bragging. I was trained in the area of elections. The record is there. Let’s do a flip. Do you think any Ghanaian will ever award a two-thousand dollar contract to a Liberian? Where’s our self-respect?

    Some Liberian lawmakers go to Ghana for medical treatment. Where’s their self-pride? Instead of awarding scholarships to our smart Liberian youth to study medicine abroad, or have them trained in Liberia, the clownish lawmakers do the opposite. Since it is known that Liberians are wishy-washy and devoid of self-respect, foreigners will continue to kick our buns, steal our money mess with our Liberian women with their so-called “garee and dokun” talk!

    Okay. So Nwabudike did his 419. A lesson should have been learned. Will it be possible for the authorities to do a follow-up? I am mighty sure that some foreigners continue to masquerade as Liberians as I write. What’s going to be the follow-up? Although he’s been in Liberia for a very long time, I think Nwabudike should be tried. But on the other hand, I know something about the judicial system of Liberia. So that’s probable dead end.

    Talk to you later. A few days now, Dolo has not been active on the ‘net. I hope everything is going well.



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