‘No Communication for Senate to Return’

Senate Pro Tempore, Albert T. Chie

-Senate Pro Tempore

The President pro tempore of the Senate Albert Chie has clarified that the Senate is yet to receive a proclamation from President George Weah, requesting the Legislature to return to the Capitol Building for extraordinary session.

“I don’t know about any communication from the Lower House, but there is no communication from the Senate. Our return from the break can only be effected through an issuance of a proclamation from the President, and such is yet to happen,”  Chie said.

Chie maintained that a long-closed door visitation to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers was merely on friendship basis, and not for plans of any imminent return.

There have been unauthenticated reports within the media of an imminent return of the Legislature to the Capitol Building in the wake of the alleged missing billions of Liberian dollars from the Central Bank of Liberia.

The CBL prints local currency based on the Constitutional authorization from the Legislature.

As late as last week, there were persistent reports that the House of Representatives was all but set to return from break, and that there were alluring pecuniary benefits of over a million United States dollars for returning lawmakers.

On the issue of the “missing bags or container of money,” Chie said everyone is awaiting results from the team put together to investigate the issue. “I don’t know about the veracity of the information as much as to whether money is missing or not; the investigation will tell. I am really not bothered or worried,” he said.

The Grand Kru County lawmaker asserted that in order to satisfy those opting for the recount of the money still in the CBL vault as claimed by the Bank, Senator Chie said a group of forensic auditors that are coming in can determine that.

In recent weeks, both the chairman on the Senate Committee and a member of that committee, senators A. Marshall Dennis and J. Milton Teahjay, at separate press conferences, maintained that besides the authorization granted CBL to print the five billion dollars intended to replace mutilated bank notes, no further authorizations for more printings were issued or granted.

Meanwhile, Senator Chie has disclosed that the Senate returns in January, to celebrate its first anniversary under his leadership and will be greeted by challenges of a huge backlog of unfinished businesses, which he assured will be tackled head on.

Chie lamented his inability to visit his county during this break, because all roads leading to the Southeast are not passable, saying that this is part of the reason why the current government is fighting hard to ensure that all roads are paved.


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