NMC Youth Chair Condemns Fraud in VR Process


The chairman of the youth wing of the National Muslim Council of Liberia (NMCL) has condemned acts inconsistent with the elections laws of Liberia.

Speaking Wednesday at the close of a three day voter registration sensitization campaign in Old Road, Monrovia, Sualiho J. Massalay said the Muslim community of Liberia is committed to protecting the country’s democracy and as such, no one should cause harm to the general welfare of the country.

“We are not supporting anyone, including our fellow Muslims who completely disregard the significance of our country’s laws and most especially for this time, the elections laws,’’ Mr. Massalay said.

He said the NMC youth wing has received reports of Muslims who are involved in violating the elections laws and warned them that Islam is not their shield and will never be an instrument to harm society.

Mr. Massalay said his warning is also intended to make people understand that, other than the confirmed cases of aliens trying to corrupt the VR process, the Mandingo tribe is one of Liberia’s 16 constitutionally recognized tribes and as such no one should blame all Mandingoes when an offense is committed by a member of their tribe.

“No one is above the law, not even our kinsmen. Therefore, we call on the lawful authorities to make sure that perpetrators bear the full weight of the law,’’ he noted.

Massalay called on both men and women who are eligible voters in the Muslim community to go out and encourage other eligible voters, including Christians and followers of other faiths, to register.

He extended his gratitude to Musa Hassan Bility, campaign manager for third-time presidential hopeful, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine of the Liberty Party, for providing the financial assistance that helped them complete the VR sensitization campaign. Mr. Bility is also CEO of Renaissance Communications, Inc. and SRIMEX Oil and Gas Company.

“The friends here will spread the good news to other parts of the country where our Muslim brothers and sisters are and we expect every one of them to act as responsible citizens by convincing others of the need to go out there and register,” the NMC youth chair said.

Also speaking, a young Muslim lady named Musu Darson said she and her fellow Liberian Muslim sisters will join the door to door VR awareness campaign so that the 2.5 million or more eligible voters targeted by the NEC is realized.

The seminar brought together over 50 persons, all Muslims, from across the country.

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