Nmah-Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid Helps over 300 Families Smile this Christmas

Beneficiaries of the Nmah-Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid gesture

The distribution food and non-food items to the elderly, people living with disabilities, women and children has become distinctly habitual for the Nmah-Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid, Inc (NCFHA), and this year’s festive season donation is the 28th instant, since the distribution kicked off in 2006. The distribution is twice a year, every Independence and Christmas holiday seasons.

Besides the biannual free food and non-food distributions, the NCFHA is engaged in what is known as the normal free gifts, including the free school program, which is known as BRIDGE — meaning “Build, Resource, Integrity, Design, Growth and Environment.”

Also, the NCFHA, every other month provides non-food gifts to the disadvantaged and ill children at the James N. Davies Hospital, and there is a US$39,000 free Computer and Research Center, located in Samukai Community, Logan Town, which has graduated the first batch of 56 students, boosting the NCFHA’s education program.

The NCFHA recreation center, known as the Logan Town Recreation Center, also has a free feeding program every Saturday and has been giving hot meals to over 250 kids, every Saturday since December 2018. Every last Friday, the kids played puzzles and brain games for hours, the winners are cheered and then the games are climaxed with a hot meal.

Elderly people and people living with disabilities received an assortment of eleven food and non-food items from the Nmah-Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid, Inc.

Traditionally, before Independence Day (July 26) and  Christmas Day (December 25) at least 600 elderly folks in Logan Town, Bushrod Island, Montserrado County and in Suehn Mecca, Bomi County, receive a 25kg bag of rice, cups of beans, farina, a measure of vegetable oil, red oil, detergent powder soap, maggi cube, salt, and coal as well as clothes and beddings in celebration of the Christmas and New Year festivals.

On Wednesday, December 23 at least 300 elderly people and people living with disabilities received an assortment of eleven food and non-food items, including a 25kg bag of rice, cups of beans, bonnie, farina, vegetable oil, red oil, soft drinks, detergent powder soaps, maggi cube, salt, and coal as well as clothes and beddings.

Madam Marie Freeman, 90 years old, thanked the NCFHA for the donation. “We in Logan town are happy and never forget the good of the Nmah Clarke Family,” she said.

Ma Mary Doe, 70, stated: “We are happy. Every July 26 and Christmas Season, we received food, clothes, and sometimes grease and copybooks from the Nmah Clarke Family. God will always bless them.”

Mr. Samson Nagbe, a 70-year-old visually impaired man, said the Christmas gifts from the Nmah-Clarke Family are timely amid the bad economy and shortage of cash across the country.

“I am grateful and l bless the Nmah-Clarke Family for the food and non-food items. We benefited a year ago in front of the ERA Supermarket at Airfield Junction, wherein we received 20 cups of rice, 5 cups of beans, farina, the plastic of vegetable oil, Maggi cube, salt and three fish cups for the Christmas,” Mr. Nagbe recalled.

47-year-old Frances Wesseh and 80-year-old Oretha Thomas, in separate remarks, said: “Today, l [am] able to eat rice. The people that [are] giving us this free rice and other things shouldn’t be tired with us, because we are suffering. I bless them in Jesus’ name.”

NCFHA’s BRIDGE Program/Recreation Center

Partial view of children in BRIDGE Program

The BRIDGE program aims to structure the minds of children between ages 15 and 18 years of age. 50 of them have finally graduated from the Logan Town Recreation Center Computer Training program, following the relaxation of restriction of large gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The coronavirus impeded learning activities, including graduations across the country between March and July, but in August, the government relaxed restrictions on large gatherings and has permitted students in grades 6 to 12 to return to school. In spite of the prevalence of COVID-19, August’s graduation was held with attendees observing health protocols, especially the wearing of masks.

Mrs. Tuwroh Nmah-Clarke

The Logan Town Recreation Center Computer Training was established and is funded by the Nmah Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid (NCFHA) Incorporated. Trainees enrolled freely without paying tuition and other fees. The courses of the six months’ computer training include Introduction to Computer, Typing Skills, MS Windows, MS Word 2013, MS Excel 2013, MS Access 2013, MS PowerPoint 2013, and MS Publisher 2013.

Humanitarian Aid, Inc is a US-based charity organization established by a Liberian, Mrs. Tuwroh Nmah-Clarke, and her husband, Mr. Delano Clarke in 2016. The organization’s objective is to address the issues confronting humanity, especially the underprivileged in Liberia. Their concentration is to provide relief to the children and the elderly.
Besides the free educational programs, NCFHA-Liberia makes donations biannually.  Some items donated include food and clothes to the elderly, children, and people living with disabilities.


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