Nimley Wins Prestigious Individual Award in Russia

“This is my first individual prize in my career. I am very proud and grateful to the teammates who helped me achieved this." - Sylvanus Nimley (Photo: Spartak Moscow)

Sylvanus Nimley has had fantastic seasons with Russian club Spartak Moscow II, since joining the club in February, 2017 from Karvina under-19 in the Czech Republic.

Thankfully, his rewarding performance during the 2018/19 league season did not go unnoticed. The young forward who will be turning 21 on September 4, 2019, has been named ‘Best Foreign Player’ in the Russian First Division League, dubbed ‘Russian Football National League.’

Nimley (L) receives his award from an official of the Russian Football National League. (Photo: Spartak Moscow)

According to statistics, Nimley played 29 games during the 2018/19 league season, and slotted home eight goals, and provided four assists. Nimley is one of hundreds of foreign players plying their trade in the Russian Football National League.

“This is my first individual prize in my career. I am very proud and grateful to the teammates, who helped me achieve this. This is only the beginning, because there is a lot of work ahead. The prize will occupy a prominent place in my parents’ house. This is my second award from Russia. The first was a medal for winning the Super Bowl. I then got into the application, celebrated with the team in the locker room,” Nimley told the club’s media team in an exclusive interview.

Nimley in action during his debut for his senior team on October 29, 2018 against Rubin Kanzan. (Photo: Spartak Moscow)

During the 2018/19 season, Nimley also had the opportunity to make his debut for the senior club, Spartak Moscow in the Russian Premier League. He was introduced from the substitute bench in the 57th minute against Rubin Kanzan, replacing team make Sofiane Hanni.

“The moment of substitution in the match with Rubin is on my headband on my phone, it is always in front of my eyes. I remember that evening every day when I go to bed. And that adds confidence to me. I understand that I can play at that level. Although I try not to dwell on this, so as not to create unnecessary pressure on myself. I therefore focus exclusively on work.”

“The moment of substitution in the match with Rubin is on my headband on my phone, it is always in front of my eyes.”

Nimley, in the exclusive interview with the club, also said he’s enjoying his stay in the East European country, although he experienced some difficulties during his first year.

“I’m here alone,” and live at the base, never rented an apartment in Moscow. Tarasovka is a quiet and peaceful place, I really like it there. Sometimes with friends, I get out to the city. Favorite place? Red Square, of course. In general, I’m already used to everything in Russia, although at first it was not easy. I was very young, first left my family, ended up alone in another country. But now fully adapted. It was enough to fly to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok to understand the size of the country, and after that, it was already difficult to get surprise with something. During the journey to the Far East, you can fly to Liberia and return. For the first time, it seemed to me that this was an eternal flight. I can’t say that it’s always possible to see the cities in which we play, but I like what I can see. If you single out one city, then this is Sochi. It is always warm and cool beaches.”


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