Nimkweah Woedoe International Donates Rice to Communities In Nimba

According to the head of the group, Mr. Morris Walker, the donation is the group's way of identifying with their people during the current COVID–19 pandemic.

A group of Nimbaians from the Dan/Gio ethnic group residing in the diaspora under the banner “Nimkweah Woedoe International” over the weekend donated about 270 bags of 25 kg rice to citizens of the Nimkweah Chiefdom and other Nimkweah speaking towns in the Kparblee District.

According to the head of the group, Mr. Morris Walker, the donation is the group’s way of identifying with their people during the current COVID–19 pandemic.

He added that at such a time of need, it is prudent to assist the people so as to keep their relationship stronger and show that those living in the diaspora have not abandoned them as may have been insinuated.

“In the mist of  the COVID–19 pandemic, we as an organization decided to reach out to you in Nimkweah by sending these bags of rice,” a dispatch from the United States said.

The group strongly believes that the donation solidifies their relationship with the community, paving the way for more relief or developmental activities reaching the people.

This is the group’s first humanitarian activity in the chiefdom, since it was established. The group plans to make more assessment on areas facing hardship so as to provide aid.

The distribution of the food items brought joy among the citizens, with many expressing gratitude to their sons and daughters who decided to give a helping hand in this time of need.

Preston Cole, a citizen of New Yourpea, said, “We are very happy for this donation from our sons and daughters in the diaspora.”

“Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been adhering to measures put in place to curtail the spread of the virus such as hand washing. But this donation to our people is the first, and we are happy and proud of our children for this kind gesture,” he said.

The citizens urged the group to go beyond the distribution of food items and try to assist the construction of schools, clinics and the rehabilitation of roads and bridges.

“We need benches for our schools, and the road condition remains a major challenge for our development in this part of Liberia,” said Mr. John Gongor, Township Commissioner, Gblarlay Township.

The main Nimkweah Chiefdom is about 17 towns located in the Buu-yao Administrative District. Three of  these towns, including Beatuo, New Yourpea and Gayeplay are located in the Kparblee Administrative District.

Despite their locations, these towns are bonded together in one language, which is the Nimkweah Dan/Gio (the group of Dan ethnic group living close to Ivory Coast between Buutuo and Behwalay).

The head of the distribution team, Mr. Harrison Wongbay, told the chiefs and elders that the group’s major focus in all their activities is transparency. Therefore he urged the local authority to be transparent in everything they do, to foster the development agenda the diaspora-based citizens have envisaged.


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