Nimbaians Yearn for Ebola Treatment Center, Other Things


Citizens of Nimba have called on their government and its international partners, including WHO, to set up an Ebola testing center in that county, as the deadly Ebola virus rages on there.

The Nimba citizens’ calls were made on a community radio talk show in Saclepea. They think that once this is done, the further spread of the disease would be curtailed and it would also minimize casualties, as most patients are brought down to Monrovia for treatment.

They argued that if a center with all facilities, including testing, is created in Nimba, especially Ganta, it would be very quick and easy to get someone treated and stop the virus from spreading to another person.

Since the outbreak, over 75 persons had died in Nimba County with most of the victims coming Ganta.

Nearly all the suspected, probable and confirmed cases had been kept in their homes in the community they lived,  something that is causing terrible frustration among the citizens. 

The holding site in Ganta is yet to be completed, over a  month since work started on it, at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital’s eye clinic.

Over the weekend, suspected Ebola patients as well as bodies of victims have been littering the streets of Ganta,  owing to the lack of facilities  to host them and protected people to bury the bodies.

 “We learned from the awareness team that Ebola can be cured if the person starts  immediate treatment, but how can the person get cured if it takes days or a week before the person is tested and transferred,” asked Menkalo Zuo, one of the callers.

Recently, the Nimba County Authority disburses US$100, 000 from the County Development Funds for the procurement of motorbikes for local authorities to speed up the awareness within their districts of control, while some portions of the funding were given to township commissioners, district commissioners, city mayors as well as media houses to speed up the sensitization process throughout the county.  But  the callers argued that  the authorities were long on sensitization short on  responses and treatment of those affected.

In the latest development, the virus over the weekend claimed the lives of an ambulance driver of the Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center and the Principal of Faith Academy High School in Ganta; while on last Tuesday morning, September 9, 2014 one of the Catholic classroom teachers identified as Alfred Slelikpo died from what was  believed to a probable Ebola Case.

The lack of a center in Ganta is posing problems for the local authority.  On that same  Tuesday morning, a very sick man who was believed to have travelled from Bassa was seen  lying in the Palava Hut at the Ganta City Mayor’s office.

He was said to have arrived in  an unknown car when he was rejected in the town called Bayleglay, where he had earlier gone to seek herbs.

“If there were available treatment, this man would not have been lying here like this,” said the City Mayor Cooper.

Although, his family was making some efforts to take him somewhere until the arrival of the medical team, up to press time he was still lying helplessly in the palava hut.


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