Nimba Youth Transforms Plastic Waste to Floor Tiles

Samples of Walee's tiles made from plastic waste, on display in Sanniquellie

Young entrepreneur exploring the answer to plastic waste

A young Liberian entrepreneur involved in transforming the waste plastic product into tiles has appealed to the general public for assistance to enable him effectively exercise his skill in his trade.

Williamson S. Walee told the Daily Observer that he has the required skills to turn waste plastic products into floor tiles with any design one could think of.

Williamson S Walee, the young entrepreneur

“We are producing pavement out of waste plastic materials,” Young Walee said.

As to how he acquired the skill, Walee said it was a Cameroonian who taught him. The Cameroonian (not named) is said to have visited Liberia last year as a guest of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Saniquellie, Nimba County.

Some of the plastic waste materials used for producing the tiles

“This idea is very strange in the country because it has taught us to remove waste plastics from the streets by keeping the environment clean,” Walee said.

Showing samples of his self-made tiles, he said, “We just need support, because we are able to produce any quantity the public would want.”

Walee-made tiles have been used in some residential homes in Sanniquellie, and are found to be durable, a resident said.

Although he did not say exactly what kind of assistance he would want, Walee needs support that would empower him to create jobs and also clean the environment of waste plastic products.



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