Nimba UP Executives Endorse Rep. Koung’s Senatorial Bid

Senior members of the former ruling Unity Party Nimba County chapter, including former representative Worlea Sauwah Dunah (left) and former superintendent Fong G. Zuagele (right), among others, have endorsed the senatorial bid of Representative Jeremiah Koung.

Despite the Unity Party being one of the institutions comprising the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), some senior members of the former ruling party from Nimba County, including former representative Worlea Sauwah Dunah, former superintendent Fong G. Zuagele among other prominent citizens of Nimba have endorsed the senatorial bid of Representative Jeremiah Koung, urging the citizens to follow suit.

The group of citizens, who spoke under the banner “The Council of Conscious Nimbaians for the Election of Hon. Jeremiah Kpan Koung” explained, looking at the developmental role of Rep. Koung during his years as representative of Nimba County District #1, they believe that he is the best candidate to ably represent the people of Nimba in the upper house.

Reading the resolution on behalf of the group, the leader, Edwin Dopoe, who is also the spokesperson of the Unity Party Nimba Chapter, described Rep. Koung as a very simple person, down to earth and someone who respects everybody.

Mr. Dopoe outlined the construction of a hospital in Ganta, the distribution of microloans to marketeers, the construction of schools, market halls and the opening of huge agriculture projects in Nimba, as something worthy to the county that none of his opponents in the race have done.

“Rep. Koung is the one who pressed on President Weah to sign the IFAD Projects that today, the roads linking Bahn to Buutuo and other feeder roads are about to be constructed,” he said.

Former Superintendent Fong Zuagele, who was the campaign manager for Unity Party in Nimba in 2017, praised Rep. Koung for his developmental initiatives in the county, adding: “Senatorial seat in this election should not be a reward to an individual because they have tried a number of times or an employment package for those who have lost their jobs. It should not be construed as an on-the-job training opportunity for politicians who want to be,” he said.

“The senatorial seat is a broader, bigger platform of leadership that should be made available to an individual who has demonstrated the capacity to address some of the most critical issues faced by a vast majority of the electorate,” he added,

“Hence,” Mr. Zuagele said, “we must take a closer and deeper look at the conduct of individuals in the past to inform us of what their judgment call will be when given this bigger and broader platform.”

He further explained that he was born and bred in Ganta, where the only health and school facilities that catered to the entire citizens were the Methodist Hospital, but Rep. Koung’s construction of the hospital brought relief to the citizens, which cannot be underestimated.

“So for fairness and honesty sakes, we can appreciate that Hon. Koung’s intervention in the education and health sectors and these interventions signify that he does not just try to do something as a leader because it is easy or convenient, Hon. Koung’s judgment call as a leader lends him to work on the most critical needs of the community,” he asserted.

For former Rep. Dunah, he ruled out Rep. Koung becoming a puppet to Senator Prince Yormie Johnson as it has been insinuated in Nimba, adding: “if he is a puppet to Senator Johnson, then who elected Senator Johnson to the senatorial position?

“I have been following the views of people in Nimba and haven’t heard that Rep. Koung is not able to become a senator, rather that he will become a puppet to Senator Johnson. Is it not we the ones who elected Sen. Johnson?” he asked.

He cautioned the young people to support the senatorial bid of Koung, arguing, “the Capitol is for not old people, it is for the young who have the energy to move, for those who know the government, know how to make things happen.”

However, Rep. Koung has thanked the prominent Nimbaians for endorsing him, promising to unite the County’s citizens of diverse backgrounds together in one accord.

He promised not to be just a floor member in the Senate if elected, rather, that he will be one of the leaders that will make sound decisions for the betterment of the county and the nation at large.

“We know how to navigate in the Capital Building very well,” he said.


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