Nimba Superintendent Exposed in Secret Sale of Scrap

In 2017, the awarding of scrap mining concessions became an opportunity for Nimba County to beef-up its county development funds.

For clandestinely selling metal scrap belonging to the county

The Superintendent of Nimba County Mr. Nelson Korquoi, is in hot water with the Nimba Scraps Committee for clandestinely selling the metal scraps intended to be sold for the county development.

The secretary of the scrap committee, James Mehn, told the local radio station in Nimba that Supt. Nelson Korquoi and one Mr. F. Moham Kromah, head of the County Service Center in Nimba, allegedly sold some quantities of metal scrap in the absence of the Nimba Scrap Committee, which is charged with the responsibility to coordinate the sale of scrap in Nimba.

Mehn disclosed that Mr. Korquoi, upon taking over as superintendent of Nimba, put an immediate halt to all scrapping activities and the movement of scraps from Nimba, until otherwise ordered.

But, surprisingly the superintendent single-handedly ordered the lifting of scrap left on the railroad along the Ganta-Sanniquellie highway and had them shipped to Monrovia for selling.

Korquoi explained that the superintendent tried to bribe the committee when they raised concern over the lifting of the scraps in their absence, but they refused the bribe.

Supt. Korquoi has yet to comment on the matter. Amid several calls placed to him by the Daily Observer, he has promised to call back, a promise that has yet to be fulfilled.

The Nimba County Scrap Committee was constituted by the County Council Sitting in 2018 with the responsibility to document all scraps related activities in Nimba, especially in Yekepa, where a huge portion of scrap was abandoned by former LAMCO.

The 12-person scrap committee comprises representatives of each of the nine electoral districts, two persons from the two senators in Nimba and is chaired by the GSA County Coordinator.

They have been working alongside Sethi Ferro Fabrik on the scrap mining in Yekepa, ensuring that Nimba county gets a fair deal from the companies involved in scrap mining activities across the county.

Mr. Mehn alleged that since the superintendent put a halt to the movement of scrap, there are now reports of illegal movement of scrap trucks from Nimba. But whenever the scrap committee tries to detain the truck for inquiry, Supt Korquoi would order that the truck be released.

For his part, Mr. Kromah denied his involvement in the illegal sale of any scraps as it was alleged by James Mehn, but he said the scrap committee was set up to only monitor Sethi Ferrous scrap mining activities in Yekepa, due to the argument among the lawmakers.

He said, since the scrap mining in Yekepa was exhausted, the committee is no longer active and they have since been dissolved.


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