Nimba Superintendent Allegedly Kicks, Slaps Maid

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A widow in her mid-50s serving as caretaker at  Nimba County Superintendent Christiana Dagadu’s compound in Sanniquellie has reportedly accused her boss of flogging her for taking off from her job of baby sitting an adopted child.

The lady, Anna Mengonfia, a mother of eight, is a Government of Liberia employee living with Supt. Dagadu. Mrs. Mengonfia’s duties as head caretaker include catering and cleaning the superintendent’s residence as well as baby sitting an adopted child.

She said that on Thursday, 23rd January, she had a fever and decided to go for treatment. Before she left, however, she fed the baby twice and left him with a 15-year old boy who is also staying at the residence. She said that she instructed the boy to take care of the child in her absence.

She said that when the superintendent came home, she began insulting her and swearing at her, saying that she (Mengonfia) would never become anyone in life because she abandoned the baby, leaving him to toilet on himself and on the floor.

“Without even allowing me to say where I had gone, the Superintendent began beating on me, kicking me and asking me to leave her house,” said Mrs. Mengonfia.

“My body is sore and painful from the beating I received from Supt. Dagadu,” she added.

The caretaker further alleged that Supt. Dagadu is always in the habit of insulting her whenever there is a mistake.

When contacted, Supt. Christiana Dagadu denied ever assaulting the woman and said she had witnesses to prove her innocence.


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