Nimba Sport Steering Committee Begins Recruitment of Players

Odoshall Karnue, Chairman, Nimba County Sports Steering Committee

Want Nimba to waive any action of withdrawing

The newly appointed Nimba Sport Steering Committee Chairman, Mr. Odoshall Oldpa Karnue, has outlined plans to begin the process of recruitment of players for the next edition of the National County Sports Meet later this year.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer recently, Karnue said the sport steering committee is organizing a district tournament at the end of this month.

According to him, the district league will involve all the nine electoral districts in Nimba and, from the tournament, the county will be able to recruit players for the coming National County Sports Meet, which is expected to begin on December 12, 2020.

Mr. Karnue expressed optimism that Nimba will surely be victorious in the coming sport encounter, urging all Nimbaians, especially those calling for boycotting of the tournament, to drop their plans and join the steering committee for a successful victory in January, next year.

“We are asking our brothers and sisters who are behind the withdrawal of Nimba from this year’s County Meet to drop their plans and join us to prepare the county team for this year’s tournament,” he said.

“While it is true that we were insulted by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Zeogar Wilson, we still form a part of the country at large and there is no need to withdraw from any national initiative because of an individual’s behavior,” he said.

Mr. Odoshall Karnue, who is also the proprietor of God’s Willing Business Center, a multipurpose business entity, told the Daily Observer that his team is working out all modalities to ensure the County’s Teams are well prepared in all sports, including football, basketball, kickball, and all other related sports.

Some Nimba citizens are howerver disenchanted over the recent appointment of Mr. Karnue by Superintendent Nelson Korquoi to steer the affairs of the sports committee and prepare this year’s county team for the coming national county meet.  The citizens claim that most of the Superintendent’s decisions were unilateral and do not meet the concern of the county.

However, it is also known that only the County Superintendent has the power to appoint the chairperson of the county’s sports steering committee, because the County Meet is partly political, with the Ministry of Internal Affairs also playing a part.

The sports steering committee chair is always someone who has the capacity to pre-finance all the sporting activities, and rally the county’s support for the team.

“I have the capacity to prepare the county for the sports meet and this is not strange to me, because I have been a member of the previous steering committee and invested heavily,” Karnue said with confidence.


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