Nimba Senatorial Rift May End at Supreme Court

NEC reported that Rep. Koung (right) won Nimba County senate race with 37,899, which represents 36.12 percent of the votes, while his closest rival, Edith Gongloe-Weh (left), candidate of the ticket CPP obtained 34,153, which amounts to 32.55 percent of all valid votes counted. However, Gongloe-Weh has challenged the results and is demanding a re-run.

The possibility of the Supreme Court to hear and determine the merit of the elections dispute between Nimba senatorial candidates Edith Gongloe Weh and Jeremiah Kpan Koung, from the just-ended December 8 Special Senatorial election is now becoming  a reality.

This stems from a Bill of Information filed on Monday December 28 before the Hearing officer of the National Election Commission (NEC), Cllr, Boakai P. Harris, by lawyers representing Senatorial candidate Edith Gongloe Weh of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Currently, Cllr. Harris is hearing testimonies of a complaint of irregularities and fraud filed by Candidate Weh, which she claimed were committed during the mid- term Senatorial election in the county, before filing the bill of information.

In her bill of information filed by several lawyers that include Counsellors Gloria Musu Scott, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Francis Johnson Morris Allison, also former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and former chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Madam Weh argued that the hearing officer should declare the entire result of the special senatorial election held in the county as invalid.

Many legal practitioners perceive that such a request is an attempt by Madam Weh’s legal team not to adhere to any outcome of Cllr. Harris’ investigation and to have the matter decided by justices of the Supreme Court.

Also, in their request, Madam Weh’s lawyers contended that there should be are-run of the said election, in order to uphold the integrity of the electoral process in Liberia.

Before the bill of information, Candidate Weh had already testified and explained about how several ballot boxes were tampered with, as evidenced by broken seals which, she believed, bring into question the authenticity of the results coming out of those ballotboxes.

Her testimony also accused two NEC Magistrates for Lower and Upper Nimba County, Bledoh Flomo and Milton Paye (respectively) of being behind the alleged fraudulent acts.

Weh further alleged in her initial complaint to the electoral body that, due to the gravity of the alleged fraud and irregularities, it was how Flomo and Paye were dispatched from Monrovia to the county.

Unfortunately, she explained that both magistrates, Flomo and Paye, were allegedly seen by a voter (name withheld) who is believed to have lived next door to the NEC’s office in Sanniquellie, the Capitol City of Nimba County offices at 2am.

Weh’s testimonies also claimed that the voter alerted her representatives, who converged at the NEC’s office where they allegedly saw the two magistrates with opened ballot boxes before them.

Explaining the role played by Flomo and Paye, Weh claimed that they entered the warehouse where all the ballot papers were kept.and allegedly began recounting the ballot papers without any notice to either her or her representatives.

She further explained that during the alleged secret opening of the ballotboxes and recounting of the ballots, one Rickson Quiah, who is a known member of the campaign team of her contender, Jeremiah Koung, was present.

Weh also claimed that magistrates Flomo and Paye openly admitted in an interview conducted by a local journalist identified as Melvin Suah, where they said, they were in the warehouse counting the referendum ballot papers.

She claimed that the magistrates Flomo and Paye informed journalist Suah that they were counting the ballot papers on ground that the political parties as well as candidates have no interest in the referendum ballot papers counting.

According to Weh, there were no political parties observers, neither were candidates’ representatives present during the unlawful counting of the Referendum ballot papers by the two magistrates Flomo and Paye.

She also claimed that Paye, in an interview conducted with another journalist identified as Railey Guanbeh on a local radio station, Gompa Radio 106.5, Paye openly admitted to cheating her, Weh, during the mid-term Senatorial election.

Therefore, Madam Weh’s lawyers contended that the “action of the two magistrates, Flomo and Paye, made the content of the ballot boxes, the ballot papers, invalid for a recount. The only remedy that is now available for resolving the complaint is a re-run of the entire mid-term Senatorial Election.”

The Weh legal team further claimed that the authenticity of an election outcome is based on transparency, openness, fairness, neutrality and impartiality prior to, during and following the casting of ballots.

“And that same standard must be maintained during the hearing of a compliant about the authenticity of election results. Consequently, the actions of Flomo and Paye were wrong and require a strong penalty to serve as deterrence for such other election workers for engaging in such unlawful conduct,” Madam Weh’s legal team said.


  1. And this is the same immoral, incompetent, and corrupt, Edith (led by that thief Benoni Urey) in her devilish hypocrisy deceiving herself about her concern for “disunity“ she Edith has inflicted on the county for her selfish desires. You served as Superintendent. The voters saw you as an immoral, incompetent, and corrupt, person. So they the voters have decided not to trust you anymore.

    As for Joseph Boakai, Alex Cummings, Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence and Benoni Urey, they are clearly showing their disrespect for democracy and the rule of law. Other candidates have lost and shown respect for the rule of law and for the will of the people. But when it comes to these thieves Joseph Boakai, Alex Cummings, Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence and Benoni Urey, they must display their Donald Trump mentality. ,

    • Kou, this is about the integrity of the elections in Nimba. It deserves all the necessary attentions and due process. The circumstance surrounding other lost candidates is very different from the case at bar. If you can’t support the cause of justice dont harm it. Your argument is frivolous and does not hold water. You’re seem to be suggesting that the glaring evidence about the activities of PAYE AND FLOMO alleged fraudulent behaviours be overload? Wouldn’t this set a wrong precedent?
      Please let the law take its course.

    • Kou, your comment is the most ignorant and sycophantic comments I have read in the media. Who’s dividing Nimba?? The problem is with ignorant PYJ supporters like you who, out of stupidity are serving as cheering squad for that murderer and a common theif. Edith is an indigenous Nimbians who deserves to be treated with respect. She’s well educated enough to lead her people and should not be cheated for a greedy young man who is being controlled by primitive social forces such as bribery, witchcraft, occultism, lies, deceit and backwardness…Hope you re-think this backward comments of yours, put on your thinking faculties before making such witless comment in the main stream media..

  2. Your argument is poor that THE DONALD TRUMP MENTALITY ABOUT ELECTIONS is about integrity. A democratic candidate a law abiding one should expect to win or loose. If Edith and her gang displayed this same attitude in their own primary, it is not surprising she is so shamefully disgracing herself.

    • Kou, what is your defense after making some stupid and naive statements about Edith, a woman of integrity? If you are a Baggirl of Prince Johnson or Koung be mindful that Nimba County belongs to all Nimba citizens. Please know that Edith is qualified to represent the people of Nimba County.
      The argument at hand is the election was conducted undemocratic. Your candidate, Jeremiah Koung cheated by stuffing ballot boxes and overstating votes that he didn’t obtain. He is a bloody rogue, and cheater. Your argument should address these irregularities.

  3. Liberia has made some strides in bridging the gap in gender disparities and inequalities; notwithstanding, many studies have proven, like other male dominant and oppressive societies in Africa, she has a long way to go still.

    One can make an argument that a few women have broken the glass ceiling (a barrier to advancement against women) and have been elected to towering positions like the presidency, the vice presidency, and so forth.

    However, these examples are just the tips of the iceberg because if one was to statistically examine beneath it in an attempt to understand the various demographics vis-a-vis how national income, wealth, and power is distributed in addition to the adverse effects that such distribution has on the overall quality of life for women, he/she would discover the iceberg is hollowed, and it is merely a ruse or a disguise designed to pretend on the outside what Liberia truly is not. He or she will conclude that women are still the ones, who are always predominantly found below the rungs of the socio-economic and socio-political ladder of the society and that even more needs to be done to bridge the wealth, power, and gender divides.

    It is against this backdrop that Edith went into the electoral process. She is not, “Shamefully disgracing herself.” She participated in it knowing fully well she was up against certain deeply, rooted systemic injustices, which often militate against women within the Liberian society, and I applaud her audacity.

    Edith is also aware that the pesky ghost of Liberia’s 1926 vote rigging episode during which she was put in the Guinness Book of World Records, is still haunting the nation today and when one period supplants a dreadful one, then the succeeding one thus comes in and repeat the same events but in a more refined and yet detrimental way to the wellbeing of the people. As old as the country is, when will its leaders demonstrate the degree of maturity that is required of a truly matured nation?

    Again, I applaud Edith for her move because this is what the courts in a democracy are set up for. Let us keep speaking truth against evil for people who see it and refused to protest it are as much as involved as its planters.


      CPP’s ‘Flawed’ Primary Disrupted by Fist Fight and Bloodshed

      Lennart Dodoo Last updated Frontpageafrica Sep 7, 2020

      How Violence Sparked

      The primary process was expected to start at 7AM but delayed. As the CPP Primary Committee headed to the Nimba County Community College where voting was to take place, unconfirmed news began filtering in that most of the delegates were trucked from Monrovia to vote in favor of Gongloe Weh.

      To make matter worse, the primary committee deviated from the use of voter’s ID cards to identify the delegates, rather party and national IDs.

      This flawed the process, leaving a faction of supporters disenchanted as the delegates could be from anywhere.

      As the Ms. Weh was the first to be invited into hall. He was accompanied by her supporters who were all in a very jubilant mood, singing and dancing in the hall upon their entry.

      According to reports, as Wongbe and his supporters also tried entering the hall upon being called in, Weh’s supporters tried creating a blockade. In retaliation, Wongbe’s supporters attempted tearing up her banner which resulted into a commotion between the opposing sides that later escalated into violence as they beat each other with chairs, thereby, leading to bloodshed.

      Why ALP Suspended Its County Leadership

      For the ALP, the suspension of its entire county structure was, according to the suspension letter, due to their failure as a leadership to support the party’s interest and continuously bringing the party to public disrepute.

      The ALP national leadership also announced that there will be a comprehensive investigative restructuring exercise that will facilitate the reconfirming of the Nimba County’s branch to the vision, loyalty and goals of party.

      The ALP further blamed the county leadership for poorly managing Radio Sletorwah which was established as a community radio station in the county for propagating the programs, vision, policies and aspiration of the ALP.

      “Unfortunately, your collective supervision and administration of the station leaves much to desire as evidenced by the fact that your leadership has failed and deliberately refused to carry out the mandate upon which the ALP established the radio station. To the contrary also, the station has been used against the party’s interest and goals,” the communication further alleged.

      FrontPageAfrica gathered from sources within the suspended leadership of the ALP who asked for anonymity that the party’s political leader, Mr. Benoni Urey, appears to be a supporter of Madam Edith Gongloe Weh against Taa Wongbe and he is of the belief that the county leadership rather backs Wongbe.

      As a result, he is trying to manipulate the process by appointing new confidants who would cast their votes for Madam Weh.

      The suspended official wondered why the party did not act on their differences in the county until hours to the primary.

      However, the CPP primary guidelines clearly stipulate only members of constituent party leadership are qualified to be delegates.

    • How can you resist the rule of law, and expect us to support you? Edith is on the right trajectory, and it is upon her refusal to accept, or tolerate lawlessness, that has endeared her to me. Let the law decide the fate of our election, in Nimba.


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