Nimba Security Council Upset With Community Watch Forum


Nimba County Security Council headed by Superintendent Fong Zuagele has distanced itself from activities of the Community Watch Forum (CWF) for its failure to help the police and other security agencies to contain violence that brought Ganta to a standstill on September 30.

The decision to sideline the CWF was reached on October 6 in a meeting held in Ganta where a cross-section of local security personnel, along with other authorities discussed issues affecting the county as part of their usual routine.

“For now, we will not work with the CWF in Nimba until we can review its activities,” Supt. Zuagele vowed.

The CWF is a community based civilian security working to enhance the activities of national security by providing information that poses threat to the community and the state at large.

But it was discovered that during the riot in Ganta recently, some CWF members were seen actively demonstrating, and not only that, some of them were suspected of looting, which characterized the demonstration.

On September 22, two CWF members were reportedly detained by the police for their alleged failure to assist them in their investigation in connection with the death of a motorcyclist who was discovered with suspected mutilated parts in Blohn, Saclepea Mah District.

Supt. Fong Zuagele meanwhile lashed out on the various community radio stations in Ganta for what he termed as, “exacerbating the violence when those stations provided live broadcast of voices of those suspected of killing the motorcyclist.”

According to Supt. Zuagele, the early broadcast of the voice of suspect Bill Lawrence during the day of the demonstration undermined and further increased the level of violence by making the teeming crowd to become more angry and violent.

Although, there was no penalty attached to his allegation against the media houses, he warned that the media should be able to exercise some level of professionalism in their duties by taking into consideration the level of security implications that the report might cause.

There are three community radio stations in Ganta: they are Radio Kehghemahn (RKFM), Voice of Gompa, and Hot FM, but these stations are yet to make any comment since Supt. Zuagele expressed his disappointment in their respective reportage of the September 30 Ganta incident.

However, CWF operations manager, David Mahn has defended the CWF’s action for not containing the situation, because, “If officers of the national security can run away from the demonstrators, then what can a civilian security unit without anything do to stop such a huge crowd?”

In another development, six persons have been arrested in Gbar Gwehlay Town for their connection in the alleged killing of a seven-year old girl who went missing on August 7, 2015.

The girl was found dead with missing parts after a weak of intensive search for her.

Upon the discovery of the girl’s corpse, the community requested a witch doctor to identify those involved in the killing and as a result the six persons were identified for allegedly carrying out the killing.


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