Nimba Returns to Ebola Preventive Measures

Nimba Returns1.jpg

Nimba County authorities have announced the resumption of the county’s Ebola Task Force to monitor regular activities in the county, a statement by the county’s media coordinator, Paul K. Karnue has confirmed.
The Superintendent, Fong G. Zuagele, is the head of the county’s Ebola Task Force.
The Task Force suspended its regular activities on May 9, when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Liberia Ebola free.
However, with the recent discovery of a new outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Margibi County, the Incident Management System (IMS) recently confirmed six new cases, beginning with a 17-old boy who died of the disease in Nedowin, near the Roberts International Airport (RIA).
“The situation, which has now created fear in the minds of our citizens and partners across the country, has compelled us again to reintroduce the measures as a way of preventing the spread of the EVD in the country,” the release said.
Therefore, the county authorities deemed it necessary to reinforce the previous measures put into place by the Task Force. The measures include, but are not limited to hand washing at all entry points across the county; immediately reporting sick people to health authorities; avoiding body contact; reporting all strangers to the local authorities in their various locations; and thermo-flash screening at all entry points.
Other measures enforced include the reporting of all dead bodies to health authorities for testing before they are buried; and restrictions on all cultural practices until health authorities announce that the situation is improved.
In view of the foregoing, the release called on all residents and visitors to Nimba to give their full cooperation to avoid a repeat of what happened last year when many persons, some of who had denied that Ebola actually existed, died of the disease. Some of those who died had been seeking treatment from herbalists.


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