Nimba Resident Engineer Enforces Zoning Laws

Director Waritay .jpg

The director of the Ministry of Public Works Resident Engineer in Nimba, Lahaison Waritay, has expressed satisfaction over the level of cooperation received from the Ganta City Council (GCC) for the implementation of the zoning laws in the wake of the demolition exercise for the construction of the road from Gbarnga to the Ganta-Guinea border.
He said the zoning laws since it was enacted in 1947 are yet to be implemented in most of the leeward cities, including Ganta.
“The zoning laws state that before anyone carries out any construction project they must seek authorization from the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works.
“Getting permission from the government gives you an idea of where an alley is supposed to be. If builders abide by zoning laws, the government will not have to pay a dime to anyone for buildings in the right of way,” he explained.
Recently, the government spent over US$1 million in compensation to settle with those whose properties were in the right of way to allow the construction of the Gbarnga – Ganta road to move forward.
Mr. Waritay praised the GCC for its cooporation in the enforcement of the zoning laws which have helped Ganta to get a new look and urged the remaining cities including Saclepea, Bahn, Tappita, Karnplay and Sanniquellie to follow suit.
“We will continue to educate our citizens on the zoning laws, but as of now, we are satisfied with the level of cooperation we are receiving from ongoing construction of stores on the main street of Ganta, because over 75 percent of them are complying with the zoning laws,” he said.
However, due to the heavy down pour of rain in recent days, construction work on the road work has come to a halt.


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