Nimba Records Reduction in Ebola Cases


As the Ebola Virus Disease continues to wreak havoc in Monrovia and its environs, with more deaths and new infections, other parts of the country are carrying out frantic efforts to have the virus eradicated from the country.

One of such area is Nimba County, which has recording massive reduction in new cases, the county health authority has said.

The Chief Medical Officer of Nimba County, Dr. Collins Bowah, told President Sirleaf during a visit to the G. W. Harley Memorial Hospital in Sanniquellie that the county has considerably reduced the transmission of the virus in the past few months through, what he termed, a collective fight.

The Liberian leader visited the county this  Tuesday.

Providing an update on the Ebola virus disease and the general health care situation in Nimba, Dr. Bowah further disclosed that the Nimba County, has since the outbreak of the epidemic, registered 79 confirmed Ebola cases out of 249 probable and/or suspected cases with 49 deaths.  Five of the deaths were healthcare workers.

Nimba is the second most populous county in the country behind Montserrado, and has several borders points with Guinea, from where  the virus initially crossed  over into Liberia last March.

Dr. Bowah told President Sirleaf about the need for the construction of an Ebola Treatment Center in the county. This would further enhanced reduction in transmission and also serve as a precautionary measure,

 The Liberian leader welcomed news of the reduction in the Ebola cases in the county, but noted that that this achievement should not served as a room for complacency.

She further noted that there is still more to be done to have the disease eradicated from the county and the country at large.

President Sirleaf’s visit to  Nimba was part of her ongoing motivational and acquaintance visits being made to health care facilities across the country in the wake of the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease now ravaging Liberia and its neighbors, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The Liberian President said at the J. W. Harley Memorial Hospital in Sanniquellie, that she was not surprised at the successes now being scored in the Ebola fight.  She stressed that collective effort is the only way to eradicate the deadly virus.

Over the past few weeks, Liberians have begun to demonstrate that with support from international partners.

She expressed delight that Liberians have gone beyond the denial stage and have joined in collectively fighting the disease.  She urged the people of Nimba County to cooperate with

healthcare workers and  continue to adhere to their advice designed to drive the killer virus from the country and sub-region.

The Liberian leader announced to the gathered health workers  that Government had now reached a decision on the  payment of risk benefits to all health care workers across the country.

She further informed them that she had also brought them Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and other essential healthcare  supplies, including detergents, and assorted food items.

President Sirleaf stressed the importance of eradicating the Ebola virus disease from the country as it will lead to the resumption of infrastructural development across the country, including the pavement of the Monrovia-Yekepa highway.  The project has been suspended due to the Ebola outbreak that forced contractors to return to their home countries.

“We told you that we would begin to pave the road from Ganta to Yekepa. It is expected to commence this dry season. This is why it is good that we all fight together to get this Ebola virus out of our way in order to return to our development initiatives.”

During President Sirleaf’s visit to Nimba County, she also stopped over at the Kpain Clinic along the Gbarnga-Ganta highway, which is run by the Liberian Government, Ganta Methodist Hospital, and the Yekepa Hospital operated by Arcelor Mittal.

In Ganta, the county’s main commercial hub, the Liberian leader witnessed the opening of an Ebola Treatment Unit and the turning over of a mini-bus to the Ganta Methodist Hospital by the United Nation’s Children Agency (UNICEF), as part of its support to the facility in its Ebola fight.


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