Nimba Paramount Chief Council Dissolved

Paramount Chief Toweh1.jpg

Nimba County Superintendent, Fong Zuagele, on July 22 dissolved the county Paramount Chief Council and also suspended the head Paramount Chief, Franklin D. Toweh, with immediate effect.
In the letter addressed to Paramount Chief Toweh, a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, the superintendent said, “for your insubordination to authority as evidenced by your unilateral act of inviting all of our paramount chiefs to assemble in Sanniquellie on July 22, without our knowledge thereby causing serious embarrassment to the county administration, you are hereby suspended indefinitely with immediate effect.”
The letter added that the Paramount Chief Council, which Toweh has chaired was also dissolved.
The letter also directed the suspended paramount chief to turn over all government properties in his possession to the District Commissioner of Boe and Quilla, Madam Angie Dahngbay without any delay.
Paramount Chief Toweh, has meanwhile decided to remain mute until he contacts the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Monrovia.
The action to dissolve the paramount chief council has created a vacuum in the peace process between the citizens of the Nimba and Grand Gedeh County.
Last year, the chief councils of the both counties met in Toweh Town to harmonize some differences and strengthen relationship since the end of the Liberia 14 years civil crisis in 2003.
At last year’s conference in Toweh Town, Nimba County, both Nimba and Grand Gedeh counties set up a six-man panel to work together so as to share information of the location of those who went missing in either of these counties during the civil crisis at the time.
The paramount chief council was launched in Saclapea few years ago with the aim to continue fostering peace between residents of the two counties.
Since Superintendent Fong took over, this is the second time that he has suspended a local elected official.
Last year, the superintendent dismissed the county Project Management Committee Chair, Clinton Layweh, for allegedly swindling some funds from the county account—a matter, which is yet to be investigated and findings made public.


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