‘Nimba Needs a Donald Trump’


Nimba County District #8 Representative, Larry P. Younquio, has told the Nimba County student community in Monrovia that someone needs to put his or her life on the political line to bring transformation and reconciliation in their county as a leadership deficit is tearing it apart.

Speaking recently at a launch of a scholarship fund drive organized by Nimba students attending various universities and colleges in Liberia, the Nimba lawmaker said the current County Legislative Caucus is not organized because of divisive politics preached along ethnic lines.

“You young people today are confronted with more problems than we had [growing up]. You cannot even have your elected leaders attending your program, and to push for what has been put on paper for you to benefit,” he said. “Your elected leaders even have problems among themselves, and we need a Donald Trump in Nimba County to settle things.”

According to Representative Younquoi, most lawmakers are afraid to speak out on the ills infiltrating Nimba because they do not want to be marginalized by other groups that have people in political comfort, adding, “And look! Someone has to make a sacrifice; someone needs to put his life on the political line to deliver the county.”

“When we came to you during periods of campaign, we promised to offer you scholarships and other kinds of assistance, but as you can see at your fundraising program today, the platform is empty. It is all because of leadership deficit in the county; and someone needs to put his life on the political line to transform it,” he emphasized.

According to him, the challenges facing the youths of today are much bigger than his days in school, because in the past they had reputable and peace loving Nimbaians who encouraged them without ethnic sentiments to forge ahead in education.

He named the late Jackson Fiah Doe, D. Gborboe Duayen, David Toweh, Hiliary Gbonblee, Martha Sendolo Belleh and others as prominent Nimbaians who, for peaceful coexistence, were always reaching out to students to assist and advise them.

Jackson Fiah Doe, D. Gborboe Duayen, David Toweh and Stephen B. Daniels were killed by fighters loyal to the National Patriotic Front (NPFL), which largely comprised kinsmen of the slaughtered.

He said Jackson Fiah Doe, encouraged the late Archbishop Michael Francis to adopt Nimba as his second county in Liberia.

“These prominent names mentioned were always with us when we called on them, and they could not give any divisive advice but would encourage us to have our country and county at heart. But today, the evidence in this UL Auditorium can tell [otherwise],” he added.

The lawmaker, who was general in his stern comments on leadership deficit in the county, said his concern is not about making himself politically prominent for higher position, but about how the county can have the integrity and unity it needs to meaningfully progress.

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