Nimba Making Concrete Culverts to Replace Log Bridges


Nimba County is attempting to replace all log bridges on feeder roads in the county with concrete culverts before President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s tenure comes to an end.

Development Superintendent David Dorr Cooper made the pronouncement in a Daily Observer interview at the workshop where the culverts are being produced.

“It is regrettable that since the county gained its status in 1964, the past county administrations have not been able to replace log bridges with concrete culverts,” he lamented.

He said log bridges which logging companies built years back have all been damaged impeding free movement of farmers and travelers getting to the markets as well as reaching their other destinations on time.

He said “What you are seeing here is just part of our vision and plan to change the face of the county from what it has been since 1964.”

Mr. Cooper said, the county authorities have decided to change the situation by laying concrete culverts on all roads connecting towns and villages.

“We just established this workshop to produce as many culverts as possible, and these culverts are of various sizes and well fabricated. We want all of our bridges leading to six cities, towns and villages to have concrete culverts,” he added.

The county leadership will try to manage the residents’ expectations by strategically implementing the project so that every segment will be able to benefit, Supt. Cooper indicated.

For that reason, the county has completed opening of alleys and building new streets in Karnplay and Bahn, cities, and is about to implement similar projects in Saclepea and Ganta.


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