Nimba Former Sup’t And Senatorial Candidate Resurfaces

D. Dorr Cooper running on the ticket Rainbow Coaliation of Reginald Goodridge for the senatorial seat in Nimba

After months of silence

Former Nimba Superintendent, Dorr Cooper, has bounced back in the public space in pursuit of his senatorial bid after months of silence and his whereabouts unknown.

In his first public statement in Flumpa, Nimba County, the former superintendent told voters to vote for someone based on their past character and role played in the development of the county.

He cautioned his supporters and voters not to listen to any deceit from any of his opponents who are in the habit of making huge pledges at this crucial time just two months away from the Senatorial Election.

Even though he did not call names, Cooper warned voters to be very careful before they are misled.

“At this time, some of them will promise to build you clinics or hospitals and will give you a few bags of cement and, after getting your votes, they throw you away,” he said.

In recent times one of the senatorial aspirants, sitting Representative of Nimba County District #1, Jeremiah Koung, broke ground for the building of a surgical theater in Karnplay, Gbehlay-Geh District regarded as Electoral District #4.

“How possible you think, somebody is able to build you a hospital at this time, this is just a big fallacy,” he said.

Mr. Cooper did not make any pledges or divide any cash among supporters as it was the case while serving as Superintendent; rather, he made reference to his past development initiatives in Nimba dating from his days as City Mayor of Ganta, Assistant Superintendent for Development, and subsequently as Superintendent of Nimba County.

Cooper, who is widely described by his supporters as “development king,” had vowed to continue his developmental initiative if elected as the next Senator of Nimba.

“My plan is to bring change in the lives of my people as I was doing as Mayor, Development Superintendent, and Superintendent respectively,” he said. “I bring economic change, environmental and developmental change in the lives of my people upon my ascendancy as Senator,” he told Radio Nimba.

Dorr Cooper was former President Sirleaf’s fifth appointed Superintendent of Nimba and the first superintendent under the administration of President George Manneh Weah.

Prior to becoming Superintendent, his first public appointment was the position of City Mayor of Ganta in 2009, where he served for over five year. In that capacity, Ganta was transformed to the standard it is now, achieved through the cooperation of the Ganta business community with his administration as mayor.

Cooper rose to the position of Assistant Superintendent for Development in 2014, in which capacity he attempted laying out cities and proposed cities in Nimba, including Karnplay, Bahn, Saclapea, and Tappita, but after opening Karnplay and Bahn, his mission was obstructed by a writ of injunction from the Supreme Court filed by the citizens for alleged illegal damage of their properties.

In 2017 Cooper was appointed Superintendent of Nimba, replacing Fong Zuagele.

Prior to his dismissal as Superintendent, Mr. Cooper made a lot of donations and pledges everywhere he visited. However, since political activities began heating up and campaign announced by the National Elections Commission, he has not been seen in the public space to make donations or fulfill any of his pledges.

Mr. Cooper received widespread condemnations from his critics about the scrap deal between Sethi Ferro Fabrik and the county administration while serving as Superintendent, as well as his failure to maintain the Superintendent’s Compound in Sanniquellie, which also hosts the local presidential palace.

With his excessive spending, while serving, his political rivals also accused him of using public funds to gain popularity in the early preparation of his senatorial bid, something he consistently has denied. Furthermore, Cooper has been criticized for being the least educated person among his political rivals, a criticism he says has no weight on grounds that education is not all to a position but how developmental the person is.


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