Nimba Former Sup. Dispatches Contact Tracers in the Field

Mr. Dorr Cooper.jpg
Former Nimba County Superintendent, Dorr Cooper

The former Superintendent of Nimba, D. Dorr Cooper, has organized a group of contact tracers to be dispatched in the field to trace would-be contacts for the Coronavirus.

Besides the donation or distribution of handwashing materials to communities, one of the main political actors, former superintendent David Dorr Cooper has organized his own contact tracers to fast track contact tracing cross the county, especially Tappita District, where a man apparently died from Coronavirus.

Making the disclosure on Radio Saclapea on April 14, 2020, Mr. Cooper said the team of young people has been organized under his supervision to carry on contact tracing in Nimba and also spread awareness messages about the COVID – 19 prevention.

Mr. Cooper added that the men, who have already been trained in Ganta, will be dispatched to communities to also carry out the distribution of hand washing materials.

Dorr Cooper before becoming Nimba’s Assistant Superintendent for Development and subsequently Superintendent after the 2014 Ebola crisis was the City Mayor of Ganta who among others was certificated as “Ebola Hero.”  As a City Mayor, he organized a task force that swiftly responded to victims in Ganta that was the epicenter of the outbreak in Nimba.

In a recent interview, he boasted of fighting to counter the Ebola from spreading in Nimba, expressing the confidence that he can apply the same knowledge or skills in this present crisis to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19, which has taken the lives of thousands of people across the globe.

While this is going on, many people calling on local radio stations are expressing fear that the grouping of contact tracers to go in communities may endanger the lives of others.

“Let a resident from a particular community be trained to carry on the community awareness instead of bringing contact tracers from the city or town,” said one Gborlaygbay Saye in Saclepea.

“This disease spreads through the air. It is not like Ebola that can be contracted by touching, so it is dangerous for people to move from their community to another for awareness,” he added.

“It will be good for those from afar to do the awareness through the radio, in the local dialects, instead of coming to people’s place,” said caller Boris.

The Ganta-based “Nimba Coronavirus Awareness Team” among other groups, has been moving from street to street in Ganta carrying on awareness.


  1. Individuals organizing contact tracing, with all the good intention, is ill advised.

    If people want to help they should approach the health authorities and be part of official activities.

    Individual uncoordinated activities can easily undermine government policies.

  2. Since Senator Joseph politicized the Ebola disease that won him to different respective in the legislature, preventable diseases like Ebola and now the Coronavirus have all become fair game of politics, propaganda and political activities. Even beginning from George and his Vice President, Taylor and the Coronavirus, they all onto the bandwagon game . And here is the former Superintendent taking his chances too for the upcoming elections. Natural diseases have become politicized just for monetary values, and that is where the money is, and many are taking their chances. Hoping to cash in too. Post civil war, employment, Ebola outbreak employment, now Coronavirus, employment. Wow ! What a country ? What a country ? Normal times, no jobs. Disaster times, all hands on deck for political job seekers through mobilization.


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