Nimba Feeder Road Rehabilitation Works Resumed

Chico bridge construction work in Ganta -web.jpg

After a year of dispute among the stakeholders of Nimba County which stalled most of the development initiatives including works on the feeder roads, the county authority has once again begun rehabilitating feeder roads at three different locations in Nimba.

The new phase of the works was launched in three different localities including Gbehlay Geh, specifically Karnplay; Zoe Geh and the Tappita Districts respectively.

The road works are expected to continue for rest of the year until all affected areas are touched, according to Nimba Project Management Committee acting chair Edwin Tinwah.

In Gbehlay Geh District, northern Nimba, the work began in Karnplay and continued to Gborplay at the Ivorian border. In central Nimba, the work commenced around Saclepea and continues through Bahn to Buutuo, while in Tappita the road work started in Toweh Town to Lorplay and also connected to Bahn.

The rehabilitation works will continue to some worst affected areas like Gbi and Doru in Lower Nimba after the road from Toweh Town to Bahn is completed, one of local officials said.

The Griea to Kparblee Road will be part of this rehabilitation owing to what the county official said is part of a SIDA Road Rehabilitation project, but the actual time commencement is yet to be announced.

However, citizens living around Kparblee and other towns including Gblarlay are complaining that if the road is not rehabilitated until the raining season, the road will be cut off completely.

Gblarlay is one of busiest gold mining towns along the Cestos River, with a modern health center, but the condition of the road is posing hardship to movement.

Nimba County feeder roads projects stalled last year owing to some leadership disputes among the stakeholders including the county lawmakers as well as the superintendent and his staff.

The grounding of the 22 pieces of yellow machines resulted to some parts being stolen.

In latest development, the Chinese Road Building Firm known as Chico had began the pavement of Gbarnga to Ganta Border Road several months after the work stopped due to the outbreak of Ebola.

Presently, the company is constructing bridges over creeks along the road and recently they have been working on culverts within Ganta City.


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