Nimba Feeder Road Rehabilitation Gains Momentum


The rehabilitation of Nimba feeder roads is gaining momentum with most of the decade-long inaccessible areas of the county being connected by the ongoing road works.
Acting Project Management Chair, Peterson Walker, told the Daily Observer that the road work resumed simultaneously at three different locations, including the northern, the central and the southern parts of Nimba.
He said the set of machines responsible for the northern region are currently rehabilitating the road from Karnplay to Gborplay (a border town where Charles Taylor’s rebellion was first headquartered).
In the central region, the work is taking place in Buu-Yao District while in the south, the work is connecting Sarlay with Boe Bonlay and then to Kparblee at the border with La Cote d’Ivoire.
Mr. Walker said, “Currently the road linking Karnplay to Gborplay is almost complete and we are going to move the machines to Karnplay City to open up the alleys/streets so as to create avenue for free flow of goods and services.”
The rehabilitation work came to a standstill after the county leaderships, including the County Legislative Caucus went at loggerheads soon after Superintendent Fong Zuagele was inducted into office.
The dispute led to the summoning of both the Superintendent and his assistant for development, by the Plenary of the House of Legislature, where a vote of no confidence was passed against them.
The vote of “no confidence” led to the subsequent removal of Development Superintendent, Teeko Yorlay, from his post.
At the last County Council Sitting, Nimbaians unanimously projected over US$2 million for development purposes with bulk of the allotted funds going to road development.
The resumption of the rehabilitation works has brought happiness to on the faces of the residents.
Resident Zaryee Mohnmie said, “The road between Karnplay and Gborplay was well rehabilitated and it has shortened the road to that border town.”
If these pieces of road under rehabilitation are connected, it will ease movement to border areas, including the Kparblee District which has been disconnected by the poor road condition, residents told the Daily Observer.

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