Nimba Feeder Road Rehab Starts Soon


Nimba County Superintendent Mr. Fong G. Zuagele has disclosed that rehabilitation of the feeder roads in the county will begin on Monday.

Speaking at the induction ceremony of the Assistant Superintendent of Nimba Mr. Dorr Cooper, he said all mechanisms regarding the rehabilitation had been put in place and there will be no stopping until all targeted areas are met.

He told the audience that bad roads remain one of the cardinal problems of development in Nimba and the authorities are making sure all aspects of the roads that need rehabilitation are touched.

Nimba County feeder road rehabilitation came to a halt prior to the induction of Fong Zuagele as Superintendent replacing Christiana Dagadu.  The Project Management Committee (PMC) said most of the yellow machines were down due to mechanical fault.

There was high expectation from the citizens that Supt Zuagele, upon taking office, was going to recommence the road works, but, again, the project stalled when administrative wrangling among the county leadership, including the members of the 53rd Legislative Caucus of Nimba began.

Tension flared after the superintendent suspended the chairman of the Project Management Committee Mr. Clinton Layweh for allegedly squandering over US$ 300, 000 from the county development funds, which Clinton denied.

The stalling of the feeder road rehabilitation caused a setback of many development initiatives in the county and hampered the movement of ambulances during the height of the Ebola crisis.

Although some intervention was made by the PMC during the Ebola crisis, the committee expressed outrage over squabbling among the leadership and how their division was causing harm to the development of the county.

Superintendent Zuagele could not explain the status of the dismissed PMC chair who he was once instructed by the House Plenary to reinstate after the vote of “no confidence” was imposed on him and the outgoing Development Superintend Teeko Yorlay.

In 2011, Nimba County purchased three sets of yellow machines, comprising of three caterpillars, three motor graders, three compacters, three large and mini excavators, three dump trucks and a road bed.

Altogether, there were 22 pieces of equipment and these machines were apportioned according to regions in Nimba including northern region, which include Sanniquellie Mah and Gbehlay Geh (7pieces), central region, Saclepea and Zoe Geh (7pieces) and the southern region, Tappita and Yarwin Mensonnon (7pieces)

Each set for a region included one caterpillar, motor grader, compacter, excavator/both large and small, front end loader and a dump truck.

But most of these brand new machines which cost over US$ 4 million are said to have had some serious mechanical problems with some of their parts stolen.

However, Supt. Zuagele commended President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for appointing Dorr Cooper to the position and pledged his support to work with him.


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