Nimba Division Opposed

Nimba County

Some prominent citizens of Nimba County under the banner of Nimbains against Division of Nimba (NADON) have vehemently opposed the division of the county; and therefore, the group has called on members of the Legislature not to entertain any proposal from some individuals seeking the division of the county.

The citizens, in their petition to members of the House of Representatives last week, said they are aware that some individuals (not named) have planned to forward a bill seeking the division of the northern county into three.

The citizens said proponents of the county’s division wants to split Nimba into three counties, including Lower Nimba County (Gbi-Doru, Kpablee, Tappita, and Yarwin-Mesonnoh Statutory Districts); Central Nimba County (Saclepea-Maan and Zoe-Geh Statutory Districts), and Upper Nimba County (Gbelay-Geh and Sanniquellie-Maan Statutory Districts).

According to them, the decision would create artificial boundaries which would separate spouses, siblings, blood relatives, and other extended family members who may be indigenous to or have their roots in more than one region of the county.

They indicated that the proposed division of Nimba County into smaller political sub-divisions is based upon certain “disconcerting, disturbing and unsettling facts including, but not limited to flawed constitutional provisions, and inadequate, unconstitutional vetting.”

NADON leadership claimed that supporting signatures for the proposed bill to divide the county were gathered from less than five of the county’s nine statutory districts, thereby causing disproportionate and unconstitutional representation of the entire county.

The proposed bill, NADON said, lacks what is always required for a major life-changing decision.

The division of Nimba County, they believe, should be a matter of national referendum that allows all voting Liberians to think through, and vote on a particular proposal that will directly impact their lives into the future but not few “ill-informed individuals.

“Mineral-rich Mount Nimba, being Liberia’s lifeline since the mid-1960s, dividing the county into three counties as reportedly proposed, would leave mountain chains within the territorial confines of the proposed Upper Nimba County, and nowhere else in the remaining two proposed counties,” the citizens noted in their petition.

The group added that the very real potential for disagreements and perhaps armed internecine conflicts over benefits from natural resources [Mount Nimba iron ore] and a likely fallout with a ripple effect near and far, should provide ample reasons to not divide Nimba County in any form or shape.

The group has informed the legislature that it intends to keep Nimba County and its integrated network of families together.

NADON said it is committed to the sustainable development of the county as a whole, for the greater good of all Nimbaians, and for the larger benefit of Liberia.

NADON said it regards and celebrates peace, unity, tranquility, sustainability and hospitality within Nimba County to be sine qua non (essential, must) for a wholesome functioning and sustainable Liberia within the comity of nations.

We are convinced, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you –our Honorable Lawmakers, Leaders, and Trendsetters in our Great Liberia–do share our concerns; and that you shall do everything possible to Defend our Sacred Heritage, and uplift Liberia and all Liberians To Nobler Destiny (The Lone Star Forever),” the petitioners added.

​The petition was noted and accepted by members of the House of Representatives.


  1. If division brings opportunities and development, unemployed Liberians would be lining up to settle in the divided counties and not seeking for visa to travel to Europe or America in search for opportunities. Liberia’s system of governance is broken and corrupt by design. It was designed by corrupt politicians to turn politicians into millionaires while trapping citizens in poverty forever. If the system is corrupt and broken, dividing a broken and corrupt system only yield more corruption and widespread brokenness. Instead of division of one county after another to enrich politicians, how about changing the entire corrupt system of governance that works only for politicians and not for the citizens? Every election cycle presents to Liberians one of two alternatives; changing the captain of a broken sinking ship in the middle of an ocean or bailing out into a working lifeboat to create a new future.


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