Nimba Divided Over PYJ’s CDC Endorsement

With Dr. Toga McIntosh close by, Sen. Prince Y. Johnson delivers his endorsement statement in favor or CDC standard bearer George M. Weah

By Gloria T. Tamba, Robin Dopoe, Abednego Davis

Senator Prince Y. Johnson’s decision yesterday to endorse Senator George Manneh Weah for the November 7 presidential runoff was received with mixed reactions by a cross-section of Nimbaians including a group of traditional leaders and opinion leaders.

Johnson said his decision is in response to the collaboration by opposition leaders at the end of the Ganta Declaration last year to support each other against the governing Unity Party (UP) in the October 10 elections, which will be determined by the run-off on November 7.

His decision was announced barely after a day he returned from the much-publicized meeting he and Senator George Weah of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), held with popular Nigerian televangelist, T.B. Joshua.


In their reactions, some of the traditional leaders described Sen. Johnson’s action as ‘unilateral’ without their involvement. According to them, before his recent trip to Nigeria, they met with him to decide which of the two leading presidential candidates (Boakai or Weah) to give their support.

Traditional leaders from Nimba, who also endorsed Vice President Joseph N. Boakai yesterday afternoon at his residence in Paynesville, explained that Senator Johnson’s action was without their involvement.

A spokesman for the Head of Chiefs Council from Nimba County, Chief Peter Barloun, said that the decision taken by Sen. Johnson was not in their favor. He described the senator’s decision as a total disappointment to the political process, despite several discussions they had with him in which they reportedly agreed to support VP Boakai.

“Before taking such a decision as a son of the soil, Johnson should have consulted us, but he did not do so after he returned to the country from Nigeria.

“We were divided during the first round of the elections, because our son Prince was in the race. Now that he is going to the CDC on his own, and we will now go our separate ways by supporting the Vice President to the end. So we will run vigorous campaigns in Nimba County by going from house to house to ensure victory for VP Boakai.”

Sen. Johnson is the political leader of the opposition Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR). He is famously known as the political godfather of vote-rich Nimba County, who came 4th in the October 10 polls, accumulating 8.2 percent of the total votes cast.

He got 127,666 votes and his support in either direction is seen as crucial, because Nimbaians look up to his direction in such affairs.

The oldest Paramount Chief and head of the Elders’ Council, Robert Sehneah, told the Daily Observer that Sen. Johnson’s decision, “is not in favor of the majority of citizens of the county, but rather it is just one person’s crossing over to the CDC.”

According to Chief Sehneah, their delegation met with Senator Johnson before his endorsement and it was after said meeting that he told them he was resolved to support the CDC.

Elders and chiefs of Nimba vow to support Boakai to the end

“What led to the massive support Sen. Johnson received was because he is our leader. But that does not mean the entire county will support CDC because of him,” Sehneah said.


“We, the elders of the land, have our voice and have resolved to vote Boakai at the end of the day. Our son was in the race that was why we were divided, now that he is no more part of the active process, we will not follow him to where he has shifted his political direction, because he is on his own,” the chief said.

Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee, said the action taken by Sen. Johnson will not stop the Nimbaians from voting VP Boakai as President of Liberia on November 7. He said Sen. Johnson has shown to the world that “he is unpredictable.”

“We are not deterred, because it was this same Prince Johnson who said Weah was not prepared to lead the nation or else there would be bloodshed in the country due to the recent incident between CDC supporters and those of Liberty Party (LP),” Grupee recalled.

He pledged his support to Vice President Boakai and vowed to campaign for the UP along with other leaders of the county, adding, “I will stand with my people to vote and we will vote a man with integrity, because Prince Johnson has gone the way he wants.”

Beatrice Lah, Nimba County market superintendent and chairlady of the Elders Council

Madam Beatrice Lah, chairlady of the Elders Council and market superintendent of Nimba County, said the women will continue to support VP Boakai, “because we are not controlled by Sen. Johnson.

“Senator Johnson has brought division in the political process so as elders, we are prepared to take the right path by ensuring Nimba County is secure for VP Boakai,” she said.

“Sen. Johnson should understand that the county is not his personal property for him to individually shift the direction of our people to whatsoever way he wants us to go,” Madam Lah said.

Some chiefs with PYJ

Meanwhile, even the chiefs of the county are divided.  Paramount Chief Franklin Toweh told our Nimba County correspondent, Ishmael F. Menkor, last evening that the decision of the elders to support Boakai was not the consensus of the chiefs.

Paramount Chief Toweh said he controls over 24 paramount chiefs and was not aware of the endorsement of V.P. Boakai by the other chiefs and elders.  He however pledged his support to the CDC, saying that it is not prudent for one part to continue leadership for such a long term.  “We need regime change to a different party,” he said.

PYJ’s own words

In his endorsement of Senator Weah, Senator Johnson said as he toured the 15 counties during the campaign, “I became more convinced than ever that Liberia needs change and a new government with a new vision. The roads linking our counties are deplorable and impassable.”

He said judging from the results of the first round and analyzing the results further, the majority of the Liberian people voted for change. “The message therefore was loud and clear and unavoidable.”

Senator Johnson said after holding a broadbased consultation with stakeholders and partisans from across the country and “our stronghold in Nimba County, including executives of the MDR and with their approval and consent, I have resolved to remian committed to the spirit of the Ganta Declaration of which I was the convener, host and architect-in-chief.”

It was consistent with that belief, he said he decided in the abiding faith in God and love for “my country, my full and unflinching support and collaboration to the Congress for Democratic Change and the candidacy of Senator George Manneh Weah as President of Liberia in the forthcoming Presidential runoff…”

He called on members and well-wishers of MDR and all signatories to the Ganta Declaration and opposition party leaders to join “me in endorsing and supporting Sen. Weah for the presidency of Liberia.”

Gongloe weighs in

Meanwhile, minutes after Senator Johnson endorsed the Coalition for Democratic Change for the November 7 presidential run-off, Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, at a press conference, expressed his disappointment for his action.   He said “Nimba County’s votes cannot be politically marketed or transferred by any one person to a political institution.

Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, a renowned son of the county said he respects Senator Johnson, because he is a stakeholder in the county, but endorsing a political party without consulting with the people was wrong and it undermines his own integrity.

“As our leader, why did he not call us to get our views and to ask us for our direction, before making such a pronouncement?” Gongloe wondered, “But for him to sit somewhere and decide the fate of the county is to create division among the people. This is a divisive strategy, and that we are not going to accept it to take root in the county.”

“Sen. Johnson needs to respect us in the county, and must consult with us before making decisions on our behalf,” Gongloe said.

According to him, the CDC should not think that with the endorsement from Sen. Johnson, they would win massive votes in the county.

“No one should think that Johnson can decide the fate of the county, because that will be a complete mistake and we are going to campaign vigorously against our senator and the CDC,” Gongloe promised.

“We will ensure that the CDC does not get the votes they desire to receive from our people, and that they will not get what they are expecting from him,” Gongloe stated.

He said Sen. Johnson needs to respect people of the county, because the citizens have a high degree of respect for him, “but we are not going to follow the direction he has taken.”

Beh Mawigeh, a medical practitioner and political activist in a telephone conversation from Ganta, Nimba County, said Sen. Johnson’s endorsement of the CDC has divided the county and while the youths seem to agree with his choice, others have expressed disappointment over his decision.



  1. Now that Nimba is divided, how will this affect the elections? PYJ is not running anymore and Montserrado is split because of the violence from CDCians against radio host Henry Costa. ANC, ALP and LP voters are moving towards Boakai because of too much violence against citizens all over the country if they speak against Weah.

  2. “Whether it be good, or whether it be evil, we will obey the voice of the Lord our God”… Jeremiah 42:6.
    Only God has the next President in mind and no group or individual can stop a peaceful transition. With a final factual actual count, only the intangible 57% can see November 7, 2017. No real Liberian cares for pallet news to cite the public on the odes. The public will accept whoever wins as long as the message comes from God. Have not fear Liberians, NEC will announce the President appropriately.
    Gone in silence.

    Let peace reign among us during and after these elections. An election is an event and sustaining peace is a process. Let’s stop insulting our leaders, rather, let’s start a constructive dialogue with each candidate to address the numerous ills (poor healthcare, messy education, poor agriculture policy, disunity, corruption, and wastes in government) in Liberia.
    The two candidates are very qualified to lead Liberia. I am therefore calling on all Liberians to pray for whoever wins these elections to serve diligently in God’s wisdom.
    To my brothers and sisters of Nimba, let’s stop these hate messages that has the propensity of tearing us apart. Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties are united. We share the same door, eat the same food and trade together in different business. Majority of Nimba citizens are in Grand Gedeh doing their businesses, like Grand Gedeans on the side of Nimba County.
    I am cautioning any character in Nimba, especially Tappita District who continue to instill fear of war in our people as means of getting vote should stop immediately. If Amb. Boakai wins, Liberians will still sustain the peace so is the same with Amb. Weah.
    To our people in Nimba and Tappita District, kindly resist those elements of chaos who continue to preach war and division between Nimba and Grand Gedeh. Let me categorically denounce the falsehood being spread by some tainted characters that Amb. Weah will revenge the death of the late President Doe. Say no to then on the ballot box. Those spreading lies will be the same people chasing after our lives, cattle and properties. Say no to them.
    Also, let’s resist any leader in Nimba who continue to preach division between the Mano and Gio block. We remain united and stronger together, we’ll enjoy our greatness.
    Elections will pass and Liberia is going to remain with us. We are Liberians and Liberia will be for us forever. Until we change our attitudes, we will not hope for a better Liberia. The change we want right now starts with us.
    I would like to erase the perception that Sen. Johnson sold Nimba. MDR is not Nimba County, therefore Nimba citizens should stop the indecent post on the social media. Do not reduce the County for personal gain. We should be denouncing people who ridicule our beloved county. Follow your conscience and stop insulting Sen. Johnson.
    We should erect moral discipline, nationalism and above all patriotism for our motherland. Like I always said nobody is more Liberian than the other. Let’s respect each other, even if I went on the other side of the political divide. Let peace continue to reign during and after these elections. Remember to vote validly and wisely on November 7, 2017.
    # ISupportPeaceSo lidarity

    • After all that what can I say? One of the best message of reconciliation I heard in years. My only advise to Nimbaians is stop dignifying this this irrational, unstable, downright greedy murderer we all know as Prnce Johnson on the basic of son of Nimba. If you ever want gemuine reconciliation to ever take place in Liberia, then try to follow the footsteps of your brothers and sisters from Grand Gedeh county. We dare ourselves to vote on the basis of ethnicity. For example, Yaya Nimely one of the gallant fighters for ULIMO-J that was instrumental in chasing Charles Taylor from Liberia was a presidential candidate in 2005. But he received 0.8% of the votes from Grand Gedeh county. For us, it does not matter whether Rosevelt Johnson, Joseph Tailey, Dr. George Boley or General Butt Naked is in a presidential race, Grand Gedeans have always voted on merit and not because someone hails from Grand Gedeh county and led a robel faction. On the contrary, over 60% Nimbaians have always voted for Prince Johnson simply because he he hails from Nimba county and commanded a robel faction during our country’s civil crisis. The sooner Nimbaians accept this mode of voting as primitive, divisive and undemcratic, the faster we can elect competent leaders that are capable of creating the vibrant Liberia we have been craving.

      • You cant speak for Nimba County and what have you. Don’t cry our cry ok. We in Nimba County are capable of handling our own affairs so we don’t need to follow your example. Thank you.


  5. PYJ’s endorsement of CDC is his personal choice. Our organic natures of unity and obedience should not be taken for granted. We have decorated our beloved father, PYJ for reasons known to all. What kind of Nimba does he want to leave behind? A nimba whose people do not have the ability to think for themselves. So says one so say all Nirvana? Beloved PYJ said Weah has nothing to show with all his millions- that he surrounds himself with people from southeast. We are absolutely united when it comes to subjects concerning the mama county.
    Vote for whom you think is capable of keeping the peace. You could even decide not to vote if you want. CDC and Up are twins now. Many bad people from Up have now crossed to CDC including the sitting president and her sons. Good bless Liberia

  6. MR. RODNEY CHESSON, YOU NEED TO GO BSCK TO THE ADULT DAY CARE CENTER FOR SOME EVALUATIONS. YOU KEPT BOUNCING HERE AND THERE. AT ONE POINT YOU ARE WITH SIRLEAF, ANOTHER POINT, YOU ARE WITH PYJ……so forth..etc. Don’t you realize that the CDC is a movement, more than a political party? It is the voice of the young people that are resisting old and RUSTY MIND like you. You and some ADULT DAY CARE RESIDENTS are stuck in the past. Infact, look back at those won election here in the past: SAMUEL DOE, CHARLES TAYLOR and ELLEN SIRLEAF……LOOK UP THEIR RESUME: Samuel Doe ( JUNTA LEADER), CHARLES TAYLOR ( REBEL LEADER) , and ELLEN SIRLEAF ( WAR FINANCIER)..

  7. The beauty of democracy is prevailing, PYJ can support any other person he wish to support and anybody who believe in him can follow him to support the person he supporting.

    But is very unfortunate to have head people saying the surrenders of a candidate belong to specific area of the country if not then the debate has become a tribal debate which is not fine for our country.

    While reading on Frontpageafricaonline a person says that Nimba and Grand Gedeh have never supported a single candidate because won massively the Grand Gedean votes Nimba should be for Boakai and these kind of perceptions are to be avoided.

  8. I don’t think you can fully run a Democratic Government via MOVEMENT!! I wonder what voice of young people you are talking about.
    Youth of Liberia if you follow CDC that’s the path to destruction… What you need is a safe institution that will allows you to cultivate your God given talents and freedom. I don’t see CDC offering that environment.
    I would strongly recommend ….YOU vote Boakai for a better and more prosperous Liberia. Do not follow the crowd. You need to get it right; Vote UP

  9. “Too many Chiefs and no Indian in Liberia.”

    I thought voting is a sacred oath where individuals exercise their constitutional rights?

    There are too many people in Liberia calling themselves leaders of Nimba County like Prince Johnson, Town Chiefs and other party leaders who are infringing on the constitutional rights of the fellow Liberians by telling them who to vote for or who not to vote for. This practice of interfering with individual freedom and liberty in Liberia sets a dangerous precedence.

    The people of Nimba as well as any other parts of Liberia should be left alone to exercise their freedom and liberty to choose or vote for whomever they want to vote for. The people of Liberia should never feel intimated for exercising their “freedom to choose” as the great economist Milton Friedman would say. By respecting individual freedom and liberty to make decisions is one of the sacred tenants of our Democracy.

    These so-called leaders, chiefs, elders, Senators, party leaders, and Representatives in Liberia should stop infringing on the constitutional rights of the fellow citizens regardless if they come from the same County, tribe, or family. Liberia is neither a socialist nor a communist country where there is no freedom to choose one’s leader. If we cannot respect individual rights to choose, then what type of Democracy are we practicing?

    Secondly, it is pathetic to see so many Liberians vying for political office when our undeveloped country is in dire need of engineers, scientists, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, architects, agriculturists, movie producers, teachers, nurses, agronomists, veterinarians, builders, plumbers, welders, electricians, electronic technicians, manufacturing technicians, pilots, weather forecasters, radiologists, geologists, computer technologists, physical therapists, hydrologists, psychiatrists, nurses, maritime specialists, bankers, farmers, hydro power engineers, electrical engineers, construction engineers, and many, many more urgently needed blue collared professions.

    There are approximately 4.5 million Liberians but we still have shortages in every field listed above. If these critically needed fields were filled by the same number of Liberians running for president and lawmakers, I bet Liberia modernization would be on a fast track to success.

    As the saying goes, there are too many chiefs and no Indians. In other words, there are too many Liberians who want to be politicians while the development of our country is left to the mercy of foreigners at our own peril.

    If we don’t study how other countries like Vietnam, Bosnia, Serbia, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Laos, South Korea, just to name a few that moved from war to become industrious, Liberia will forever remain a country full of politicians and no development.

    Again, Prince Johnson and other prominent citizens of Nimba, Lofa, Bong, Grand Gedeh, Montserrado, and other counties please respect the freedom and Liberty of your fellow Liberians to choose whomever they want to vote for without coercion or intimidation.

    The freedom to choose is the beauty of true democracy.

  10. I get really frustrated whenever I see the people of Nimba given voice to this murder. There are lots of prominent young men from Nimba who posses every qualification to represent the people of Nimba. Its about time that the people of Nimba make it known to this murder that he is no longer their leader. this man is a disgrace to our nation. Stop given him free airtime. PYJ should be in prison. Growing up in Liberia. I remember this man forcing women of fair color to sleep with him against their will. he is a rapist. PYJ. Leave our politic alone. This man kill my father in-law. MR. Paul K. Williams. The former principal of wells Herston HIgh School.

    • Dont cry for Nimba County. In the time of revolution, heads will roll. The war is over and if we continue to think 15 years back, Liberia will never be at peace. Apparently the people of Nimba do not look at Senator Johnson the way you do. He is a two terms Senator and he is loved by his people. The critics of Senator Johnson should think twice, why did he go for second term?

  11. Fellow citizens of nimba, let us forget about who pledged support to CDC or u.p and excersise our constitutional right to vote whosoever we want to vote for. I don’t think pointing finger at each other is the way forward.

  12. Ms. A Ruth. This is the Murderer who took up arm and risks his life and took DOE of the back of the Nimbain. No offense to you, but it is his bravery that earn him his title. During 2011 election you could not call him a murderer because he was on Ellen side. 1990 he was not a murderer, because he was chasing Doe out of your back. Today it is the opposite, because he is preaching unity. How long will the people of Grand Gedeh and people of Nimba be at odd with each other. Lets move on Liberia. Bravo to PYJ. Blessed are the peace makers.

    • With this kind of mentality, Liberia will remain exactly where it is. I wish your father was the one killed by this man. You wouldn’t be sitting here asking someone to move on. Stop given praises to evil doers. The only way forward is to eliminate people like PYJ from our political arena.

  13. PYJ is really a political Godfather for Nimba county. Those that not agree with him should have their second thought and return to support PYJ, because he (PYJ) is playing a dual role as the true son of Nimba county and a leader of a political party that is belong to Nimba people alone.. therefore by you going your way, you are on your own…

  14. Well, the prince Johnson factor is catching up with the very same people who are crying today. When did they realize that PYJ was a bad guy? He won vote in Nimba for the second time with landslide and defeated Edith Gongloe and Yarmie Gbeisaye Kwikwi. You voted him in and now you have him, so stop all the cry and deal with your senator. We are tire hearing PYJ, PYJ, that is the man you made. You all are not consistent either when it comes to Nimba issues, how did PYJ win second term? Your home work.

  15. CDC only need 30% of NIMBA votes to win and 2017 is for CDC . Do something so that u can’t be
    embarrassed tomorrow. I don’t care what happen CDC will win
    the election so why make yourself shame.

  16. Ms. Ruth, you are not preaching peace. If you were, you would have told the Liberian people to move on and forget the past. Once we are stuck in the past, we will never move on. PYJ, and other that fought this war are all Liberians. The USA and Britain Fought 2 bitter wars, the war of 1775 (independent of the Colony), and the war of 1812 (in Riverdale Maryland). Today these two countries are the best of allies controlling the rest of the world. Neither of whom can do without the other in todays war. Conflict brings the best out of us, we human being. If you go to your place of warship, ask your Iman, Pastor or Rabbi. He she will tell you that forgiveness, is the key to reconciliation that eventually leads to nation building. Not only to you alone Ruth, but to all Liberians

  17. Read the Law English well before you face the Liberian Jurisprudence. The Chief Justice or Supreme Court is not just a common block to tease. It is institutionally an interpretation of the nation’s highest source of law power equal in respect with the other two branches of Government. One or more must have a true reason before you see this Supreme. For example, there are many Josephs. There, might be a Joseph Brumskine, another is Joseph Mills Jones, another is Joseph Weah, another Joseph Boakai, also Joseph tarr, another is Joseph Vampelt, and Joseph Findley etc…Many Liberian Joseph (s). Not every Joseph is the son of David. God did remind us about keeping the prince of Gog far away. If you do not have the right one, and the Lord is not asking for that, you will have whoever wins the people’s Presidential seat. Seven days after the election means after the election process is completed. Liberians have November 7, 2017 to give the final results before the silent majority can hear any complains. Read Jeremiah 42:6. Vote or abstain in peace before you get your grade point from the people of the Liberia. Wait for God’s time.
    Gone to 57%. DON’T answer this Box.

  18. Not long ago, the Senator, Field Marshall, General Prince Y. Johnson told all Liberians; to vote for CDC, will mean War in Liberia. Let’s choose PEACE. Come Nov. 7. 2017, vote for J.Nyumah Boikai, President, Republic of Liberia.

  19. Nimbanians please know that this election is for our children future do not be disturb by anythings. Now you are not voting for Prince Johnson, the vote is between Weah and Boakai. Prince Johnson had declare his surport to CDC becuse of the Ganta declaration. if Sen Johnson wouldn’t hv do so, he was going against the ganta declaration. So my people please forgive Sen Jonson let us move our country forward. we need to choice a leader who with listen to our cries, not someone who tell u i am not responsible for your cry. Let us come together and change this government and see what the next government will do for us. we hv surfur for so long is time for us to pray for a good leader then accusing individual. what u people should do is to call Sen. Johnson and tell he is wrong doing so that our country can remind peaceful. Is not becuse of Sen. Johnson u not vote for Amb. Weah, you may not know the things Weah get for u my people. Let us forgive each other for sake of mama Liberia.

    • I fell so side when I see so good aand educated peolpeople like A.RUth calling people attention baback to war stop .what has passed is gone and forward for prace for mama liberia
      this is de only country we have ..

  20. CDC Not Good for LIBERIA!
    CDC integral parts are: ellen Johnson sirleaf & family + PYJ + Charles Taylor + Mrs. Taylor + thugs + criminal = Bad ruling Party (CDC)…
    Why in the world you want to vote for CDC in the first place? They will destroy Liberia …Please do not vote CDC

  21. If you back hurting right now, wait until after the election process before you start screwing your pallet woman. She should find another man to get married to for a better status. As for me, my muscles talking something so I am not sexing until it rest after we find the winner. That Liberian prisoner lied. He is not even a Taylor, his father stole Taylor’s name. This ex-rebel dictator still trying to spoil our children but it did not and will not work. All of them even the false prophets have had some form of rebel activities. If we were basing that on the past crisis, no one will be qualified to run for any position, even Doe, Boley, Johnson, Weah, Brumskine, Boakai, Wiles, Jones , Cummings or all the other 20 aspirants are all responsible for the past faulty mismanagement, if you think there was. So this election fiasco got nothing to do with who the next president will be. We better elect another president on the right time in peace with stability so the silent majority can cut all the trouble makers off as soon as possible. Tell the Liberian people serious election sickness aint coming back here. We will keep sanitizing. Cleaning is next to God. Do not call back until you get a President. Tell the Liberian nation.
    Gone to my 57% corn meal. Do not come in this box.


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