Nimba District #8 Citizens Want NEC Expedite Probe of Dispute

Mr. Saye Mianah says his accumulated votes has exceeded the 19 votes he earlier obtained

As it stands, citizens of Nimba County District#8 are growing impatient with the manner and form in which authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) have delayed to deliver the result of the October 10 legislative elections in the district.

In the first round of count, the NEC puts Saye S. Mianah ahead of his closest rival, who is the incumbent lawmaker Larry Yaunquoi with 19 votes, which made him the winner of the district’s seat. However, that decision was later challenged by Yaunquoi, who argued for a recount from the electoral body.

Although, the Supreme Court asked the NEC to speedily investigate the matter, the electoral body is yet to come out with the result of the Yaunquoi’s allegation, which makes it difficult for the district to know who their elected lawmaker is as of yesterday.

It was against this backdrop, that some citizens in the district, who have become agitated by the NEC delay to announce the result, held a press conference in Monrovia to express their dissatisfaction.

Mr. Younquoi obtained 17 votes from the recount of ‘invalid votes’

In their petition’s statement read by Preston Gbu, the citizens said they were embarrassed over the way NEC has delayed to announce the official result of the elections in the district since October 10.

“We are now sitting and planning with our newly elected lawmaker, Saye S. Mianah discussing the developmental agenda of our constituency, but it is quite disheartening that since the election on October 10, during which time we elected Mianah in the presence of all parties and international observers, and the result was announced, we are still waiting for the NEC’s official result,” Gbu said.

He claimed that the result was also placed on NEC’s website, announcing Mianah as winner of the October 10 polls, with a votes amounting to 6,108 ahead of Yaunquoi, who obtained 6,089 votes, showing the difference of 19 votes.

“On this note, we are calling on authorities of the NEC to announce result of the polls, because Article 83 (b) of the 1986 Constitution provides that all except for president and vice president election of public officers shall be elected by simple majority of the total valid votes cast,” Gbu explained.

“We are not going to allow any resolution or administrative body to subvert what the constitution has provided,” the citizens’ petition stated to a round of applause.

Others who signed the resolution are Milton Dolo, T. Emmanuel Saye, Eugene Dean, Quincy Miaway and Yelekay Dahn.

One of those who contested the district’s seat included Victor Taayor, who came third to Younquoi. Taayor says the NEC should be cognizant of its own law to fast track the investigation.


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