Nimba District #4 winner Gonpue: “This is My Time”

Elated supporters of Kargon carry him shoulder high shortly after the NEC decision on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

The electoral dispute that engulfed District #4 in Nimba County since the October 10 representative election has finally reached a logical conclusion as authorities at the National Elections Commission (NEC) declared Gonpue L. Kargon as the official winner of the district.

“After the long political tussle, we are glad that we have been given the mantle of authority and platform to lead our people,” a joyful Kargon told reporters yesterday shortly after the NEC declared him the winner.

He said it is his time to lead the district, and therefore wants everyone to rally around him to ensure that his agenda is implemented as well as meeting the residents’ aspirations.

“I want the former Representative, Garrison Yealue, to accept this defeat, and understand that leadership is from God. His time has expired and this is my time,” Kargon said, adding, “let Garrison pray to God for the district to move forward.”

Kargon, a businessman and a student in his native Nimba County, sells electronic devices and is popularly known as “Dubai King.”

He is now poised to begin a reconciliation initiative that will bring the people of the district together to formulate development programs.

“Reconciliation is one pillar of my agenda, because we need to bring our people back together. Politics has somehow divided us, but this should now be something of the the past. I intend to reconcile the people of the district with specific focus on supporters of my rival, Garrison Yealue, and my own supporters,” Kargon told the Daily Observer yesterday.

“Due to the political differences, I intend to go to the district and bring all these people together ensuring that we settle the differences and move the district forward,” he said.

According to him, his victory means development, prosperity and glory for the people of Nimba.

“We are the children of God, so we were able to beat the incumbent Garrison. Today, I am very delighted, because to apply effort and see someone wanting to claim the glory is unfortunate,” he said.

With the NEC’s decision, Kargon noted that there is some level of justice in the country.

“Today, we know that there is fair justice in Liberia, which the NEC has demonstrated by our victory,” he said.

According to him, entrepreneurship, unity, infrastructure, development and reconciliation remain cardinal to moving the district to another level, adding, “We will be taking care of the unity aspects within 100 days.”

“I have been involved in building schools, clinics and helping to support the people in different ways,” he said.

NEC hearing office ruled that Rep. Yealue’s 25-count complaint lacked sufficient evidence to nullify the result, and therefore maintained that Kargon is the winner of the October 10 poll in the district.

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