Nimba Dev. Supt. Warns Against Politicizing Community Bank

Mr. Dorr Cooper.jpg
Former Nimba County Superintendent, Dorr Cooper

Nimba County Assistant Superintendent for Development has given stern warning for citizens in the country not to politicize the opening of community bank across the country.

Mr. D. Dorr Cooper said if the opening of the community bank for rural dwellers to enhance farmers’ capabilities is politicized, other politicians would be afraid to do business with such financial institutions.

He warns crafters of the loan policy to do away with during ceremony marking the opening of the community bank, “because I have observed that if it is politicized, those who are not part of said political rally will have no interest in such bank.

Mr. Cooper spoke at the occasion marking the official opening of the community bank in Sanniquellie recently. The ceremony was led by the Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Dr. J. Mills Jones, who said to establish community bank is part of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led Administration’s policy to bring relief to those living in the rural parts of the country without access to banking institution.

He thanked the CBL Administration for implementing such policy, but cautioned that the citizens not to politicize the exercise because by doing so would undermine the policy.

Governor Mills Jones recent visit to Nimba was more political than just a visit of bank governor to open a community bank.

The ceremony was characterized with the presentations of different statements of support by several others civil society groups that have carried banners and placards bearing the photo of the governor, chanting with joys as Dr. Jones walked to greet the crowd.

Over 4000 printed T-shirt was printed that bearing the photograph of Governor Jones.

A political observer told this paper that prior to the arrival Governor Jones and entourage to Nimba, about US$21,000 were released by his (Governor) to facilitate the movement of people from their locations to Ganta and Sanniquellie in order to received him. This report is yet to be independently confirmed.

However, Governor Jones had come down strongly against his detractors who continue to criticize him for empowering the locals through the establishment of community banks.

He said divisive politic leads to under development, adding that the nation should focus on how to build a strong national institution that will defeat poverty.

Governor Jones noted that the Central Banks of Bangladesh and Malaysia are always reaching the rural dwellers by providing micro loans as an empowerment.


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