Nimba County Records 5 New Cases of COVID – 19


After launching voluntary testing in the county

After the launching of voluntary testing of COVID – 19 across Nimba County, five cases of COVID – 19 have been recorded; with Ganta still remaining the hotspot of the outbreak in the county.

Speaking to reporters, after a one-day COVID-19 awareness workshop in Saclapea on Friday, September 18, 2020, the spokesperson of the Nimba County Health Team, Mr. Lee T. Dano urged the citizens to do voluntary testing so as make Nimba, COVID-19 free.

He explained that COVID-19 was still in Liberia and it is necessary that all the health protocols, regarding COVID – 19 prevention are put into practice to avoid further spread of the deadly disease.

“COVID-19 is still here, therefore we should put in place all the of Health protocols, by placing hand washing buckets in front of our homes, using nose mask and avoid crowded places,” he said.

“Currently, we have recorded about five new cases of COVID-19 cases, after the voluntary testing in the Sanniquellie Statutory District,” he said.

Ganta City, which is one of the commercially busy cities in Nimba because of its proximity to the Guinea Border, is situated in the Sanniquellie Statutory District, which comprises four administrative districts: Bain-Garr (Ganta), Yarmie (Yekepa), Yarpea Mah (between Gbehlay-Geh and Sanniquellie Man) and Sei (Sanniquellie).

Recently, the County Health Team launched voluntary testing for COVID-19 as part of curbing further spread of the virus, which is yet to be put under control worldwide, almost 11 months since it was discovered in China.

But some community health workers in the county alerted the Daily Observer that COVID-19 testing has spread to some clinics across the county and all health practitioners have been asked to do their test.

When COVID-19 was first discovered in Nimba in March this year, especially in Tappita, the citizens were calling for the establishment of testing centers in the county to avoid taking of a specimen to Monrovia for testing.

Currently in Nimba County nobody has taken the issue of the new Coronavirus so seriously as it used to be from the onset or during the lockdown period. However, on Friday, September 18, 2020, the County Health Team in collaboration with partners staged a one day COVID-19 awareness workshop for two districts, including Saclepea and Yarwin Messonnoh.

In late June, unprecedented high fever raged in Ganta and some parts of Nimba, but it was not clear whether it was COVID-19, despite Ganta being declared as the hotspot by the former Nimba Health Officer Dr. Philip Sahr.


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