Nimba County Education Officer Threatens Journalists


The County Education Officer in Nimba County Wleh Sillah prevented scores of journalists from interviewing Education Minister George Werner as he ended his weeklong tour in the Ganta.
Mr. Sillah threatened to call on officers of the Liberia National Police to keep journalists away from Minister Werner, who did not do anything much to help the situation.
“Don’t go near the Minister, but if you force it, I will order police to get you all from here,” he threatened.
Minister Werner and his entourage entered Nimba County from the southeast of the country, where he had been touring several schools before arriving in Ganta to also visit the Child Friendly School Campus.
Journalists managed to speak with Minister Werner earlier but he asked them to meet him at his rest stop, at which time the several expatriates traveling along with him would have had the chance to talk to the media.
Arriving along with the Minister’s convoy, excited journalists made their way to his location when CEO Sillah decided to show to the journalists who really should have access to Minister Werner. The journalists included those of the Daily Observer, Inquirer, ELBC and several others.
“I don’t want to speak with any journalist on my tour before the Legislators ask me questions,” Minister Werner had told the reporters at the Child Friendly School Campus, contrary to his earlier promise to allow them to interview him on the results of his tour so far.
Observers interviewed told journalists that there are many issues that affect education in Nimba County since the new education policy which led to the early closure of schools and they wanted to hear from what Minister Werner would say about it.
CEO Sillah had been at loggerhead with owners of private and mission schools in Nimba County for what they described as his reckless statements many of which he was compelled retract with some apologies.
The recent distribution of school grants in Nimba County was marked by reports of alleged fraud in which certain percentage was deducted from each school which could not be verified.


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