Nimba Caucus Chair Resigns


The chairman of the 53rd Nimba Legislative Caucus, Senator Thomas S. Grupee, has resigned as chairman of that body.

Speaking at the close of the Nimba County Council Sitting in Sanniquellie on Feb. 22, he said there had been no appreciation for their work because the county always claimed they are not together. The official turning over of office was expected to take place on Feb. 24 in Monrovia.

Senator Grupee said, “Our work is not recognized because the county felt that we are not together and for this we are doing everything possible to remain together.”

There was no sign of sympathy among any of the elders when Senator Grupee announced his retirement from the caucus chair during the opening and closing remarks of the County Council which was held from Feb. 19-22.

The Caucus chair has been one of the key problems among the Lawmakers since the removal of Senator Prince Johnson, who had always complained that his removal was undemocratic.

This year Nimba County Council Sitting was well attended by a cross section of the citizens, including 11 lawmakers, but it did not reflect how the 2013 County Council Sitting was conducted when county officials reported on its achievements and shortcomings.

At this year’s Sitting there was no general report from the Caucus, nor was there the County Superintendent’s report on its past performance.

There was no mention of the July 10, 2014 incident in Yekepa, when scores of Nimbians were arrested for vandalizing Arcelor Mittal’s facilities at Mount Tokadeh.

Nor was there a report on the status of those still in jail and what the county is doing for them to get a speedy trial.

The status of the controversial scraps issue was also not mentioned.

Senator Grupee’s resignation had been looming since last year when he announced over a local radio station that he would resign.


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