Nimba Aims to Regulate Burials

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Even though Liberia still enjoys zero cases in Ebola infections, Nimba County has gone further to ensure that the status quo remains in that county with authorities declaring that nobody should bury their dead without the knowledge of health officials.
The decision comes following widespread traditional burials that many have carried out without the involvement of personnel from the Ministry of Health burial team in the county.
Furthermore, the recent resurgence of Ebola infection in Margibi County has added weight to the decision by the local government to take every measure in ensuring that no outbreak occurs in that part of the country.
Warning the public against town burial recently on local radio stations in the county, Supt. Fong Zuagele said while they are glad that the county has zero cases of the virus, it is important for residents in the county to take precaution.
He said some people in the county have begun to ignore preventive protocols set up by health authorities.
Supt. Zuagele said a commissioner in Whentoin Town was reportedly assaulted when he urged residents to inform health authorities about the death of their relatives.
He said they are searching for the perpetrators and they would face the weight of the law for their action.
He also pointed out Nyor Display as one area where people are taking the law into their hands by burying their dead without informing health workers, and warned residents against such a habit.
Supt. Zuagele also warned operators of funeral homes to work in consultation with health authorities in the county as requested by the Liberian government otherwise they will have themselves to blame.
He then called on the people of the county to set a portion of their land for burial purposes and avoid burying people just anywhere, as has been observed in many towns and villages.
Also speaking, Nimba County Health Officer, Collins Bowah said the burial team’s involvement in the burial is to test and ascertain whether a particular death was caused from the EVD.
He urged people of Nimba not to see the burial team as a stigmatizing group that will put the dead and bereaved families to public ridicule.


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