Nigerians Pledge Solidarity to Ambassador Nnadozie


Following protests for her to be recalled, scores of Nigerians under the banner of three distinct organizations Tuesday, April 15, presented statements of support to their Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Chigozie F. Obi-Nnadozie, at her office in Congo Town.

The three organizations that presented the petition to the ambassador included Nigerians in the Diaspora Organization-Liberia (NIDOL) followed by two other auxiliary groups such as the New Nigeria Movement against Injustice (NNMAI) and the Igbo Youth Congress of Liberia.

NIDOL shares the core value of encouraging Nigerians living in Liberia to be law-abiding and to make good representatives of their country—the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Like her two auxiliary bodies, NIDOL operates under the motto: “Peace, Unity, and Progress.”

The colorful ceremony, which brought out an array of colorfully dressed Nigerians, amongst them business executives, was climaxed by “real” Nigerian traditional attire. Ambassador Nnadozie was fully involved, leading the chorus of their famous Nigerian songs.

In NIDO’s statement of support to the diplomat, the members condemned in the strongest terms, the April 8 demonstration that was held in front of the embassy by “Liberia-naturalized-Nigerians” calling for the immediate recall of the Ambassador.

NIDOL described the April 8 actions as “ridiculous that members of the so-called Nigerian Community and Descendants Union–Liberia (NCDUL) would choose to bring young boys from the streets to carry placards in front of Nigeria House, calling for the Ambassador’s resignation. They expressed their displeasure that the NCDUL called on the Nigerian government to recall "a hardworking Ambassador.”

“NCDUL is where some individuals who have renounced their Nigerian citizenship and claimed to be naturalized Liberians hide themselves to sour the image of Nigeria in Liberia. As a matter of fact, they are on their own and have no right to speak for Nigerian citizens in Liberia,” the NIDOL statement declared.

 According to NIDOL, real Nigerian citizens applaud their Ambassador for what they called her “open door policy, motherly approach and her strong sense of accomplishment,” which Nigerians are proud of. They praised her for her hard and good work in Liberia.

 “Names of any individuals that threaten the peace of the Nigerian Embassy,” according to NIDOL, “will be submitted to the relevant Liberian authorities for appropriate actions; also any government official who divulges the contents of an official correspondence will be violating the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations Article 27.2. This Article states that the official correspondence of the Mission (Nigeria Embassy) shall be inviolable (unbreakable) —meaning all matters relating to the mission and its functions.”

 The presentation ceremony of the NIDOL statement was greeted with a round of applause from a cross-section of Nigerians who came from all walks of life. The statement was presented by the vice president, Shola Bello; Mrs. Obiakor Mariagoretti, I, secretary-general; Titus A. Alagba, Sulaiman Sadid, Mr. J.C. Nwabudike, Christian Ezigwe Agbanu and Umar S. Abubaka.

In response, Ambassador Nnadozie expressed gratitude to her kinsmen for their “tireless efforts in maintaining peace and stability” in Liberia; she urged them to forge ahead in unity by remaining law-abiding as they go about their daily routines.

 “Show a strong sense of patriotism, and love for your country, and do not—as patriotic Nigerians—allow yourselves to go astray or be defiled because of the behavior of the few bad ones among you,” the diplomat warned.

 Ambassador Nnadozie called on her kinsmen to identify with the Embassy in Monrovia at all times. She then described Nigeria as a country of hard-working people, and therefore, admonished its citizens in Liberia not to get involved with counter-productive activities, but to keep the spirit of oneness as exercised by the Federal Republic of that country.

 She expressed her regret for the recent actions emanating from the April 8 “so-called demonstration,” staged by those who claimed to have denounced their Nigerian citizenship to Liberia.


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