Nigerian Man Found Dead in Ganta

Bewildered residents surround the body of Oyiborde O. Wilson, a Nigerian businessman and resident of Ganta.

… After having been ‘missing’ for days

A West African national believed to be in his mid-forties was on Friday, July 12, 2019 discovered dead around the Toweh Yard community in Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimba County, after he reportedly went missing for three days.

According to police, the man, who was later identified as Oyiborde O. Wilson, a Nigerian, reportedly went missing on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, but his decomposing body was discovered near a creek in the vicinity of the Ganta United Methodist Hospital, opposite the Sam Kollie’ Guest House on Sanniquellie/Ganta road.

The particular community where the body was found has over-grown bushes extending to the swamp.

The situation grew out of alarm raised by community members shortly after they suspected an unidentified person, who they mistook for a robber. That night, at about 11:00 p.m., as the community members shouted “rogue, rogue,” Wilson reportedly took his cutlass, under a heavy downpour of rain, in pursuit of the suspected robber.

Police told the Daily Observer that Wilson did not return home since he left that night until his lifeless body was discovered, decomposing in the nearby swamp few meters away from his residence.

With the ongoing development, the head of the Nigerian community in Nimba, Anthony Okoyi expressed sorrow for the death of their kinsman. Okoyi also confirmed that Wilson was chasing after a suspected criminal but, unfortunately, he did not return until he was found dead.

Until his death, Wilson was a chain-sawyer who also dealt in planks. He was also a family man blessed with two children; one of them doing well with his businesses in Ganta.

The discovery of the near decomposed body of Wilson has brought fear in the minds of residents, expressing their concern about the escalation of criminal activities in and around Nimba County.

Police has meanwhile turned over Wilson’s remains to his kinsmen, while their investigation continues to ascertain the actual caused of his death.


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