Nigerian Investors on Exploratory Investment Mission at NPA

NPA management and the Investment Delegation.

-Ready to add value to the operations of the port

A high power investment delegation from Nigeria has held talks with the management of the National Port Authority for possible investment in the port industry of Liberia.

The head of delegation, and Chief Executive Officer of R.G. Holding International Limited, Ian Roche, said his team’s visit to Liberia is meant to explore business and investment opportunities that would help create jobs and add value to the operations of the port.

Roche said Liberia has great investment potential where raw materials should be processed into finished products to generate more revenue and enhance growth and development.

“We are here for an exploratory investment mission with a hope of adding value to the port through a legitimate win–win agreement where necessary,” Roche told the NPA management.

NPA’s Deputy Managing Director for Administration, Celia Cuff–Brown, and Deputy for Operations Christopher Wisner, welcomed and briefed the investment delegation on the operations of the port following a tour, and expressed the management’s preparedness for investments that “must” impact the lives of the ordinary people.

Madam Brown and Wisner informed the delegation about President Weah’s pro–poor agenda, adding that the government’s campaign for change remains paramount to the development of the country so as to improve the living condition of the citizens.


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