Nigerian Health Professionals Expected Today


Nigerian health professionals comprising Epidemiologists,  Physicians, Nurses, Laboratory Technologists, Laboratory Scientists, Data Managers, and Psycho-social Professionals, among others are expected to arrive in Liberia tomorrow.

According to a statement from the Nigerian Embassy near Monrovia, the contingent of health specialists is coming under the auspices of the African Union Support to the fight against Ebola Outbreak in West Africa (ASEOWA).

The Nigerian volunteers are expected to be in Liberia for three months, during which time, it is believed that the disease will be contained, treated and eradicated from the country.

Their mandate will include local capacity building and aiding in the restoration of full medical services at the JFK Medical Center in Monrovia.

The statement also emphasized Nigeria’s commitment to standing by Liberia in its time of need.

The Nigerian group will be led by Dr. Joshua Obasanya of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Dr. Obasanya is currently the Deputy Head of Mission for ASEOWA under Maj. Gen. (Dr.) Julius Oketta, and he (Obasanya) will be in charge of the ASEOWA team in Liberia.

Dr. Obasanya was part of the group of experts that effectively eradicated the Ebola disease in Nigeria.

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