Nigerian Diaspora Organization Launched in Liberia

Mrs. Chinyere N. chinemere Obiora, President of NIDO Promises cooperation.jpg


A new organization called the Nigerian Diaspora Organization (NIDO), was launched on Sunday, December 15, at the Nigerian Embassy in Monrovia. NIDO is aimed at fostering unity among Nigerians in Liberia.

According to the president of the organization, Mrs. Chinyere N. Chinemere Obiora, NIDO is the brainchild of the Nigerian government. The idea for the formation of NIDO has been around since 2000 and it is intended, in addition to seeking Nigerians’ welfare, to propagate all good things about Nigeria and Nigerians.

According to NIDO’s president, the organization aims to promote unity and understanding among Nigerians residing in Liberia, while also protecting and defending the legitimate human, social, and professional rights of all it members without any prejudice. 

“We are focusing on things that would benefits all of us, while simultaneously serving as agents of positive changes,” said Mrs. Obiora, adding, “We will not rest until we succeed in re-defining the image of the Nigerians in Liberia.”

Mrs. Obiora said NIDO would help foster cultural, educational, commercial, and industrial ties between Nigerians and Liberians alike.

 The NIDO president said they were presently raising funds to build a Nigerian international school and a multi-purpose events hall. She explained that NIDO wanted to build a school to help ensure that Nigerian children did not lose sight of where they come from and who they are.

The Minister of Information Culture and Tourism, Mr. Lewis Browne, addressed the launch and assured NIDO of government’s  full support to help them attain their goal.

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