NHA Soccer Team Succumb 4-1 to Second Defeat

The NHA soccer team will be playing today against GAC at the SKD Complex

Sports Director Unsure of positive results in Inter-Ministerial League; Begins campaign today
The coach of the National Housing Authority (NHA) soccer team, Patrick Toe thought he was seeing things in twos as the scoreboard registered 4-1 against his side.

The match was their second in one week after they had succumbed to a humiliating 5-0 defeat to the National Port Authority (NPA) in their first trial match as they prepared to participate in the 2018 Inter-Ministerial League that comes on at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, beginning today, June 8.

NHA’s yesterday friendly match against Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), which is under Coach Sam Bedford exposed all the weaknesses of the NHA players.

NHA kickball team will also play today at the SKD Complex

Even after LACE ran into the lead, scoring two goals through striker Augustine Maimie, NHA’s players could not find their rhythm and playing with a weak midfield, allowed their opponents to dictate the pace of the game.

NHA’s chances became more disappointing as striker Rufus Dickson in a one-on-situation with only their opponents’ goalkeeper to beat, shot the ball into the begging arms of the goalkeeper.

This NHA kickball player showed some strength yesterday

Though NHA kickball players, who had played among themselves because of the failure of their LACE opponents to show up for the game, began to sing with the hope of motivating the players, it did not work. The players continued to make nonsense of clear chances, and later as it seemed that they were getting weak; it became apparent that they could not pose any threat to LACE and their defense had a field day.

“We really don’t have a team,” admitted NHA Sports Director Kofa Konwro. “We have to redouble our efforts otherwise it will be a disaster in the tournament.”

Players of the victorious LACE soccer team

In the forthcoming Inter-Ministerial League, the NHA is in Group G where you find the Ministry of Youth & Sports, General Services Agency (GSA) and the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC).

Director Konwro appealed to the players to readjust their position otherwise their participation in the tournament could be a disaster. “We must get things going right else we will not like the outcome of our games,” he said. Director may be looking help from above, but he is aware that those ministries and agencies that are winning their friendly matches are those who have had consistent training for their players.

The NHA will be taking part in the Inter-Ministerial League for the second time since the league started several years ago, and therefore there has not been a consistent policy to develop both soccer and kickball teams with regular training schedules.

These kickball showed they were ready for their game yesterday and today they may have the chance to play against GSA girls

And so whatever the case may be the NHA will begin their campaign in the league today against GSA at the Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in both soccer and kickball and will be praying for a miracle to save their chances.

It could be said that it would be a miracle for Coach Patrick Toe to regain his composure from the nightmare, at least two of them, to be able to redeem their tattered image in a tournament that is made to force employees of government to exercise.


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