NHA Shelters End Tourney with Loss to MYS

An NHA player moves for the kill but MYS goalkeeper came out to put the ball under control

–Promises to Make Amends in Future Participation

In their last attempt to salvage their 2018 campaign in the ongoing Inter-Ministerial League, NHA Shelters saw their dream fading after they lost 1-0 yesterday, which would be the second loss in Group F, with the resulting seeing them drop out of the tournament.

Apart from the loss by the soccer team, the female side also lost their space when they called time on themselves, because of what a member of the coaching staff described as the unfair handling of their last kickball encounter with their Ministry of Youth & Sports opponents. As a result, the kickball team of MYS earned the points.

In the soccer team’s lone goal loss yesterday at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, NHA Shelters threw a penalty award away when the player shot the ball off target.
It may be recalled that following his return to the country earlier this week, center forward Duannah Siryon, the managing director of the NHA, told journalists that he was back to lead his side to victory.

This is the entire team of Shelters that ended the campaign

Though he went into the game in the second half and made a couple of passes that came his way and that he was able to send through, MYS defenders, composed of former Liberia international soccer players, made light work of his passes. Even the team’s skipper, Tugbeh C. Tugbeh, who had some chances to have led the game, was policed so well that he was simply ineffective.

MYS seemed to have regained their authority on the game after they returned from the intermission. In fact, the first half was dominated by NHA Shelters soccer team and when they could not make use of the chances that came their way in this half, many fans were not sure what was going to happen in the second half.

One noticeable character observed with the winners was their well-calculated passes that reminded fans the great potential they had when they were plying their trades in Europe or elsewhere.

NHA Shelters lost the match and as a result was booted out of the tournament. MYS now has 9 points, LEC and GAC earlier settled to a 2-2 draw; GAC have 4 points and LEC 2 points, with NHA having earned 1 point and two losses.

MYS and GAC qualified from the group, leaving behind LEC and NHA. In the earlier match between LEC and GAC, LEC came back from 1-0 down to force a draw.

In the final minutes of that match, GAC seemed to have lost steam and allowed their opponents to play the ball till they secured their two goals.

Meanwhile, NHA Managing Director Siryon has commended Ministry of Youth & Sports, the organizers of the tournament. He said it is important for government workers to engage in such recreation.

Cheering fans at the beginning of the game

“It helps to bring us together,” Siryon told the Daily Observer later in a phone conversation. “It forces us to exercise and this is good.” He added that the experience from their participation will guide them to make better preparation for future games.

“I want to thank our players and everyone who made our participation successful,” he said.


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