NHA MD Seeks China’s Support in Housing Sector

Mr. Siryon and Chinese officials during his three-day visit to China

In an effort to provide modern, affordable and durable housing for Liberians under the pro-poor government, the Managing Director of the National Housing Authority (NHA) Duannah Siryon has engaged the Government of the People’s Republic of China to seek possible assistance.

Towards this end he recently led a three-man delegation, on an exploratory visit to China which lasted from May 11 thru May 19, to Qingdao, China (PR).

The delegation visited several housing manufacturing companies that are specialized in roofing, siding, foundations, zincking and furnishing. Many, if not all the materials used in these facilities, are 90 percent locally-made from alternative building materials.

The delegation also had fruitful discussions with several banks, including officials of China Minsheng Bank, to negotiate funding opportunity for various slum upgrading projects across the country.

Mr. Siryon said Chinese banks promised to provide as much as US$300 million to Liberia, to construct affordable homes as well as upgrading slum communities in the country.

“Our visit to China was fruitful,” Mr. Siryon said. “We are interested in partnerships that will not impose huge loans on the Liberian people, and with what China has offered and is prepared to offer, we think we are in business with them,” Siryon said.

Additionally, the delegation also visited few coastal defense sites intended to have a better understanding of what is best for the ocean defense system for the West Point upgrading project, which is part of President George Weah’s priority project to improve lives for the people.

Those listed on the delegation were Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, House Committee Chair on State Owned Enterprises and John Natt, Jr., Coastal and Ocean Engineer from the Ministry of Mines and Energy.


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