NHA Launches Home Ownership Drive with US$5K Raffle

    An NHA affordable home; Mr_web.jpg

    Mr. Prince Wreh, deputy managing director for administration at the National Housing Authority told journalists yesterday that health workers now have the opportunity to become homeowners.

    For a start, Mr. Wreh said the NHA will be launching its home ownership campaign on Friday, July 17 at a local resort in Monrovia under the theme, “Empower Health Workers to Own a Home.”

    According to him, “Top management has set aside a portion of their June salary in the amount of US$5,000 for the potential winner from a team of health care workers to be selected on July 17.”

    Each hospital and healthcare centers in Montserrado, Margibi and Grand Bassa counties have been asked to identify and submit the names of five healthcare workers.

    “We will then group the names and pick the lucky winner,” Mr. Wreh said, “and the winner will be awarded a deposit of U$5,000.”

    Mr. Wreh said the money will be used as the first deposit for a two-bedroom estate house at Goba Town Housing Estate in Brewerville. The total cost of the house is US$11, 000.

    “After the deposit,” Mr. Wreh said, “the balance of US$6,000 will go into the NHA/LBDI mortgage loan program to be paid over a period of time.”

    Though only health care workers are being drawn for the pilot project from the three counties, Mr. Wreh said, “We will expand the program to benefit Liberians of every sector.”

    He appealed to worthy Liberians, the business community, agencies, public and private institutions and others to join the campaign to support Liberians to own their own homes.

    The NHA is applying the mortgage strategy rather than renting its units since ownership engenders protection for what is owned. “When people don’t own equity in a facility, care for the facility becomes very poor,” NHA managing director Samuel Wlue told a local magazine back in April.

    Liberia’s Urban Housing Profile puts the country’s housing needs at 511,788 if Liberia should become a middle income country by the year 2030. Mr. Wlue said the provision of affordable homes through the LBDI/NHA mortgage loan program is part of the roadmap developed to achieve this.


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