NHA Gets US$1M for Brewerville, Gobah Town Expansions

    DMD for Technical Services, Allison .jpg

    The National Housing Authority (NHA) has begun the expansion of Brewerville and Gobah Town Housing Estates with 35 units, following the acquisition of US1M from the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP).

    According to NHA’s deputy managing director for technical services, Gyude Allison, who led reporters on a tour at the two locations yesterday, the exercise is part of NHA’s mandate to develop affordable housing units for Liberian families.

    “The construction work has already begun,” Allison said, “and it is being done by five Liberian owned construction companies and they are expected to complete the job in October 2015.”

    He said the completion of the units will allow applicants to roll out into the Liberia Bank for Development & Investment (LBDI) mortgage payment plan.

    “This is a payment plan with a down payment of US$5,000 that can qualify an applicant for a ten year mortgage,” Allison said.

    He added: “It is customary in our society that home ownership lends more credibility to an individual’s status.”

    The NHA is providing a promising platform to enable many Liberians to purchase affordable homes, Allison said.

    The National Housing Authority, as part of its mandate, is charged with the responsibility of initiating and constructing affordable homes through funding from the Liberian government and its partners.


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