NHA, GELPAZ- Liberia Sign MoU to Develop Low Cost Housing

Isaac Roberts, Jr, NHA Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services

GELPAZ-Liberia, an affordable home developer and the National Housing Authority (NHA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop affordable housing for low-income earners.

Isaac Roberts, Jr, NHA Deputy Managing Director for Technical Services, said that the project will involve at least 500 units to start with spreading in two communities of Memeh Town, near Ricks Institute, and in the VOA community in Brewerville, Montserrado County, respectively.

According to the release, two other areas to be targeted are along the ELWA/Robertsfield Highway–Sarpawein or Tower Hill and the Schefillin towns.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by NHA Public Relations Manager T. Maxwell Davis, who said that the entity has acquired an additional 12.5 acres in addition to the already owned 12.5 acres of land in the VOA area.

The NHA, Mr. Roberts said, is developing the first 12.5 acres of land where it is to resettle about 64 family members, who are victimized by the West Point erosion in their temporary settlement in VOA, Brewerville.

He said the 200 acres of land is under what he described as ‘investigative survey’ where over 50 residents of nearby Memeh Town have volunteered to brush the land, because they were eager to see development in their community.

“That project will be a sub-division and will be a Development of approximately 300 to 400 housing units in four categories and we are excited about the volunteering spirit of our people of Memeh Town; working and clearing the land where the project will be done,” Roberts said.

He said that the four categories will include luxurious, economy, social and pro-poor housing units. “With these categories of housing units, it will provide room for Liberians in their various financial positions to go for what their financial positions can lead them to acquire,” Hon. Roberts said.

He said GELPAZ Liberia is a subsidiary of GELPAZ-Burkina Faso and, after completing their preliminary visit to Liberia, returned home Oct. 3, 2018 and is expected to return with construction equipment to begin the construction of the needed but affordable housing units in the country.

Mr. Roberts added that the lands that they have acquired are close to the beach and will have designs like a beachfront and they will be two bathrooms and three bathrooms.

He revealed that there are other opportunities involving the developing of affordable homes that will benefit Liberians of all sectors—for the luxurious, economy, social and the pro-poor.

Roberts was a businessman and housing developing contractor for more than ten years before joining the government to use his expertise in the housing development sector.

Meanwhile, Tugbeh C. Tugbeh, NHA Deputy Managing Director for Administration said a tripartite arrangement with the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), NHA and GELPAZ-Liberia that has to do with the mortgage arrangement is currently being reviewed by LBDI.


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