NHA Begins ‘Housing Request’ Survey Nationwide

Duannah Siryon, the suspended Managing Director, National Housing Authority

The management of National Housing Authority (NHA) has commenced taking stock of Housing Units’ requests from Liberians in the 15 counties, a release has said.

The nationwide survey, which will inform the entity’s decision on the number of homes to be constructed across the country, will also target employees of ministries and agencies.

The exercise, according to the release issued on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, “is necessary and will bring the NHA up to speed with the requisite and needed information as we engage investment partners on the possibility of providing housing units nation-wide. This will help us have available such data at its fingertips.”

Duannah Siryon is the managing director of the National Housing Authority.

He said the exercise also extends to Diaspora Liberians, who are contemplating returning home to own a home.

Mr. Siryon said that the socioeconomic data that will be collected during the exercise will lead to decisions on how many low, medium and high income housing units are required to be built in the counties.

“The NHA is creating a database that will hold thousands of information about housing demand throughout the country. The said data will be accessed at all times to allow investment partners to understand the market demand before investments are made available,” Siryon said.

As part of the exercise, a team of data collectors from the NHA are expected to begin visiting ministries and agencies beginning on Tuesday, August 14, through August 30, 2018, to conduct the survey.

“We are asking all heads of those public entities to kindly comply with the exercise by allowing interested employees to fill in the forms,” Mr. Siryon pleaded.

He added, “This exercise is very necessary, because it is one of President George Weah’s primary objectives to ensure that his administration build affordable housing for Liberians under the ‘Pro-Poor Agenda.’”

According to Mr. Siryon, “President Weah is passionate about Liberians owning their own homes, and these structures must be modern, durable and affordable.”

Through this initiative, the NHA intends to extend its works further into the countryside depending on demand.

Siryon also said that some of the basic socioeconomic necessities should not only be meant for Monrovia, but to include the rural inhabitants.

“Monrovia is not Liberia and, therefore, the things that attract many Liberians to the nation’s capital should be provided to the counties so those areas can be developed as well. It is also good that we get these important data on employees at the ministries and agencies so that everyone can have the opportunity to benefit from housing projects,” he said.

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