RAMF Provides Economic Empowerment for Young Single Parents in New Kru Town

Beneficiaries posed after the opening of the training in New Kru Town.

A not-for-profit organization, Rising Above Mediocrity Foundation (RAMF), has concluded day-long entrepreneurship and enterprise development training initiative for young, single parents in the Borough of New Kru Town as part of efforts to empower them to become self-reliant.

RAMF, a Liberian-based not-for-profit organization with its headquarters in the United States of America, was founded in August of this year.

The day-long training, which was held on Saturday, December 12, 2020, at the Trinity United Methodist School in the Borough, focuses mainly on empowering young single parents to become a productive workforce in society.

The training conducted under the theme; “There is Dignity in Single Parenting” with sub-theme; “If we can dream it, we can manifest it,” was facilitated and coordinated by Mr. Richard S.N Tobii, an economist by profession.

Founder and chief executive officer of the organization, Ms. Reedna Decontee Tobii, told beneficiaries on Saturday, December 12, via video conference call from the United States of America, that RAMF wants to ensure that single parents regain their self-esteem which will make them more productive and better citizens of Liberia.

Ms. Tobii said the mission of the organization is to build their (single parents’) capacities to enable them to meet the challenges of early parenthood.

She said as somebody who was raised in the Borough, she always heard people say nothing good can come from New Kru Town.  

Against that backdrop, Ms. Tobii informed the beneficiaries that through RAMF, she has come to give back to her people through the creation of small microfinance loan for single parents who are residing in the Borough.

The CEO of RAMF said as a young girl growing up in New Kru Town, she always wanted to do something meaningful that will change the lives and story of her.

“I know that they are a lot of our single mothers out there thinking that they have low self-esteem because once they have a kid and they think that it is over for them, but I am here to tell you that it is not over. You can still have a kid and be a productive citizen and do something meaningful with your life,” she told the beneficiaries.

Ms Tobii said the organization would also provide some microfinance loan support for beneficiaries to establish their own small business initiatives.

She said: “We at Rising Above Mediocrity Foundation will today be presenting our entrepreneurship and enterprise development training initiative, and it will consist of developing an idea of starting a small business.

“We are going to train our ladies how to start a small business and, at the end of it, we will provide them with an interest-free loan to do their own businesses.”

She quickly called on the beneficiaries to take the training seriously because the organization’s intent is to work with all single parents and ensure that their integrity is restored and become productive citizens in the county.

Several of the beneficiaries used the occasion to thank Ms. Tobii for providing them with such opportunity.

They promised that the knowledge acquired from the entrepreneurs and enterprise development training will be used wisely in starting their own businesses.


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